It’s Friday: 4 new episodes of Apple Originals land on Apple TV+


Truth Be Told on Apple TV+
Well, that's your weekend viewing sorted!
Photo: Apple

It’s Friday, which means Apple just unleashed new episodes of Apple TV+ shows. Apple today debuted new installments of The Morning Show, For All Mankind, Truth Be Told and Servant. That should be enough to keep you entertained over the weekend.

Here’s what this week’s new Apple TV+ episodes have in store.

According to Apple’s preview, The Morning Show episode 9 is titled “Play the Queen.” Apple’s description reads: “New alliances are formed and olds bonds are revived as TMS is forced to reckon with its past.”

Episode 9 of For All Mankind is titled “Bent Bird.” It features a crisis in space that places the crews of the Apollo 24 and 25 missions in jeopardy (and, no, not the game show).

Apple describes Episode 5 of Servant as follows: “With Dorothy and Sean gone for the day, Leanne makes a new friend.”

Meanwhile, episode 4 of Truth Be Told is titled “No Cross, No Crown.” Its description reads: “Poppy and Markus trace their prime suspect’s movements on the night of the murder.”

There is no new episode of See, since season one was only eight episodes long. Don’t worry if you’re a fan, though: Apple has already confirmed that a second season of See is on the way.

New episodes on Apple TV+

So far, Apple TV+ has been a success. All the shows I’ve seen range from acceptable to very good. My two favorites have been Servant (see my first episode review) and The Morning Show (again, my review). However, even those that I’ve felt lukewarm about, such as See, have improved as their seasons have continued. Interestingly, despite being slated by critics early on, The Morning Show has been nominated for a whole bunch of awards.

Which shows are you enjoying on Apple TV+ right now? If you’re not a subscriber, you can check it out for $4.99 per month. You also get a free year if you purchase a new Mac, iPhone, Apple TV or iPad.