The Morning Show blitzes viewers with Apple product placement

The Morning Show blitzes viewers with Apple product placement


The Morning Show blitzes viewers with Apple product placement
"How many times do you want us to reference Apple products in the show?" "Yes."
Photo: Apple

It was always going to be difficult for Apple to resist peppering Apple TV+ shows with Apple products. But even with that said, the amount of times Apple product placement pops up on The Morning Show surely sets some kind of record. It’s basically a 10-episode long Apple commercial.

When I was reviewing The Morning Show I stopped counting shots of the iPhone after the first couple of scenes contained multiple lingering close-ups. The Wall Street Journal persisted, however. According to a report, the Journal notes that:

“Apple products are visible in an average of 32 camera shots per episode, and an Apple logo is visible in roughly one-third of those shots, according to a Wall Street Journal tally from viewing all 10 episodes of the first season. Rival brands are scarce.”

To be completely fair to Apple, this Morning Show product placement doesn’t seem totally out of place. I mainly notice product placement in movies or TV shows when it seems like something the characters wouldn’t actually use. The idea that a show about people in the media would also be filled with Apple products is more than believable.

Personally, I’m just sad that Apple didn’t find a way to fill See, its post-apocalyptic series, with iPhones. Given the ads depicting the iPhone 11 Pro as nigh-on indestructible, that would have been an hilarious way to make the point. Nothing says “this phone will last” like having it still work hundreds of years in the future.

Or just give every villain on the show an Android. Nothing says antagonist quite like a person clutching their brand new shiny Samsung flagship!

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