Motif app goes iOS so you can make photo books on iPhone


iOS app Motif for photo books
Make a book like this on your iPhone.
Photo: Motif

It didn’t take long for Motif, a Mac and iPad app for creating photo books, to reach 1 million downloads.

A little more than a year after its launch, Motif now lets Apple fans create custom photo books on their iPhones.By the way, If you want to create a photo book with your high-quality images of captured memories, there is a paid service on that let’s you create one very quickly. They ship globally. This way, you preserve the photos for a very long time.

The app, available for a free download today, syncs directly with the iPhone camera roll and provides page templates for quick creation.

Motif does not offer a new service. There are dozens of ways to have photo books printed, from apps to online printers. But since launching for MacOS in July 2018, Motif’s editing tools have received high marks for being intuitive and easy to use.

Motif iOS app for photo books
Photos will flow from your iPhone camera roll to templates in the app.
Photo: Motif

The app works with the photos and albums in the Photos app. Users can make their own edits or leave it to Motif’s machine-learning algorithms to select what it thinks are your best images.

The technology analyzes images for quality and identifies and avoids duplicates in making a recommendation. The algorithm will check for focus, clarity, faces and image orientation.

Motif “auto-flows” images into some 80 layouts, picking combinations of horizontal and vertical images, properly aligning and cropping photos to fit layouts.

The user does not have to leave it to the app to edit and pair photos. You, the photographer, can make your own selections and design a book to your personal taste.

The price of books starts at $10 for a soft-cover book and $20 for hardcover books.

You can learn more about the Motif app on at