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Official For All Mankind trailer gives biggest glimpse of spacey plot


For All Mankind
Imagine a world where the global space race never ended.
Photo: Apple

The final trailer of For All Mankind gives us our clearest look yet at the plot of the alternate-history space-race TV show.

Apple TV+ is set to debut on November 1 with For All Mankind as one of its premiere shows. Previous trailers gave us a glimpse of the bad-guy Russians landing on the moon first — and the feminist angle with female astronaut candidates. Those two plot lines converge in the new trailer, which touched down on YouTube this morning. The new spot reveals President Richard Nixon’s decision to one-up the Russians by putting a woman on the moon first.

Watch the full thing here:

For All Mankind hype on the rise?

We’ve gotten more glimpses of For All Mankind than any of the other Apple TV+ shows. Created by Star Trek veteran and Battlestar Galactica rebooter Ronald D. Moore, the alt-history show certainly looks the most promising.

The premise seems a bit like Amazon’s critically acclaimed show The Man in the High Castle, which envisions an alternate version of the United States that lost World War II. Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan rule different sections of an occupied America.

For All Mankind takes a similar approach. The show questions what could have happened if the United States lost the moon-landing race to the USSR. Apple’s description of the show says it presents “an aspirational world where NASA and the space program remained a priority and a focal point of our hopes and dreams.”

Despite being mostly run by old white men, the Apple TV+’s show lineup sure seems to be hitting the feminism drum hard. Previews for The Morning Show indicated that it will have some plot lines inspired by the #MeToo movement. For All Mankind will partially be about the search for the first female astronauts. And Dickinson, about poet Emily Dickinson, focuses on one of the biggest feminist heroes in history.

In one of the recent taglines accompanying a For All Mankind trailer, Apple made its mission pretty clear. “We don’t need more stories about making it to space. We need a story about making space for everyone.”