Conductive Material Paintbrush Socks For Painting On Your iPad



If you fancy yourself as a bit of an iPad artist, you might like to grab yourself one or two of these Stylus Socks, now on sale for five dollars a pop on etsy.

Slip one of these socks over any pen or stylus-shaped object, and you’ll be able to use it to paint directly on your iDevice screen as if it were a paint brush.

They’re made of MedTex130, a “conductive knit fabric for use in e-textiles”. You can do all sorts of fun things with it.

Seller Ivo Beckers told me: “When the material arrived last week, I gave it to my daughter Esmée (10) who likes to sew clothes and bears with her aunt Esther. I gave them a Koh-i-noor pen holder as well for the fitting and they did a great job. It fits perfectly around the pen holder’s top and works amazingly smooth as a stylus for the iPad.”