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Rupert Grint will get terrified in M. Night Shyamalan’s Apple TV series


This is what Rupert Grint does best, and he’s bringing that talent to Apple TV.
This is what Rupert Grint does best, and he’s bringing that talent to Apple TV.
Photo: Warner Bros.

One of Rupert Grint’s jobs playing Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies was looking terrified whenever appropriate. That might be the reason he’s been hired to be in the TV series M. Night Shyamalan is helping create for Apple.

This, like all the programs being filmed for Apple, will reportedly be free to watch on any Mac, iPad, iPhone, etc.

The name of Shyamalan’s TV show is still unknown, but it’s described as a psychological thriller. 

Grint apparently won’t have a leading role. The show will reportedly star Lauren Ambrose from Six Feet Under and Nell Tiger  from Game of Thrones as parents of a new-born child. Grint will play Ambrose’s younger brother, according to Deadline.

The first season of the show will consist of 10 episodes that are each about a half-hour long. It was created and is being written and produced by Tony Basgallop (of 24 fame). Shyamalan will serve as another executive producer and is set to direct the first episode.

Apple TV streaming service coming in 2019

In the past year or so, Apple has contracted for the dozens of television programs to be filmed,spending over a $1 billion on them. 

So far, the iPhone maker has (apparently) committed to a version of Time Bandits, an epic starring Aquaman‘s Jason Momoa, and a sci-fi drama from the producer of  Battlestar Galactica. Steven Spielberg is even on board with an Amazing Stories reboot. And, of course, there’s the M. Night Shyamalan project.

Unlike shows from HBO, Cinemax and some others, Apple’s offerings won‘t be filled with adult themes or material. The company is supposedly going for more family-friendly content.

According to multiple unconfirmed reports, all those upcoming shows will be available free to customers who own an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

The streaming service will allegedly debut in the first half of 2019, but only in the United States. A global launch will come shortly thereafter, though.