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Apple Champs-Élysées is a stunning blend of old and new


Apple Store Paris 1
Apple's new Parisian flagship store is a knockout.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s Champs-Élysées retail store opens this Sunday, and from the look of some pictures Apple has released, it may be the most spectacular Apple Store yet.

The store eschews the glass and modernism of the company’s newly built stores for vintage grandeur, mixed with a few high tech flourishes. It is housed in a Haussmann-era apartment building, dating back to the 1800s. Check out some images of the new retail space below.

Apple Paris
A glimpse at the inside of the store.
Photo: Apple

For the opening of the store, Apple has faithfully restored the building’s facade and entryway, while adding French oak parquet floors on the upper levels. According to Apple, this is intended to “revive the building’s original spirit by restoring the detailing and interconnected spaces of the quintessential Parisian apartment.”

Apple has also added a sculptural roof over the internal courtyard. Not only does this provide sunlight to the building, but it also generates renewable energy via integrated photovoltaic panels. Finally, an integrated rainwater collection system provides water for the bathrooms, indoor trees, and green walls.

Apple Store
Could this be the most stunning Apple store yet?
Photo: Apple

Opening this Sunday

“Working within a historic Parisian building is a great responsibility and a phenomenal opportunity,” said Jony Ive in a statement. “Our first priority was to honor the history of the building, while thoughtfully updating it to create spaces both grand and intimate. The carefully interweaving layers are warm and light filled, celebrating the timeless spirit of the city.”

The Apple Store — which also contains office space on the upper levels — will open  Sunday at 12pm local time.

Some of the 330 retail personnel who work in the store came from the Carrousel du Louvre Apple Store, which closed last month.

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