iPhone XR speed test makes Note 9 look slow and overpriced


iPhone XR vs. Galaxy Note 9 Phone test
Samsung should be embarrassed
Photo: PhoneBuff

Apple’s cheapest iPhone of 2018 is just as fast as Samsung’s most expensive smartphone.

Despite packing less than half the RAM and $500 cheaper price tag, the iPhone XR matched Samsung’s Note 9 in a recent speed test by PhoneBuff. The new iPhone was even leading the Note 9 during some parts of the speed test, which shows how quickly the devices can open some of the biggest apps on iOS and Android.

Watch the battle:

iPhone XR vs. Galaxy Note 9

The iPhone XR only has 3GB of RAM while the Note 9 packs 8GB. During the first lap, Apple’s latest beat the Note 9 easily. But the Note 9 was able to make up ground on the second lap, when it came to opening apps from memory. By the end of the test, the two phones tied at 2:38.

Apple included the same A12 processor on the iPhone XR as in the iPhone XS and XS Max. Those two phones smoked both Google and Samsung’s new phones in PhoneBuff’s other recent speed tests.