iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4 pre-orders are shipping


Apple Watch Series 4
Apple's fancy new devices are on the way!
Photo: Apple

Many of the folks who set their alarms to pre-order Apple’s new products last week are receiving alerts stating that their orders have shipped. These include orders for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and Apple Watch Series 4.

The earliest delivery dates for the devices are for September 21. This is the same day they should theoretically go on sale in stores, although the most popular models are unlikely to be available straight away.

People who pre-order the iPhone XS Max, Apple’s current most popular new iPhone model, today will likely be looking at a delivery date in the first half of October. This does depend on where you are in the world, since different quantities of handset and Apple Watch are available in different markets. You could also try queuing up at your local Apple Store.

Meanwhile, the iPhone XR (possibly set to become Apple’s most popular handset of the year) won’t be available until next month. Pre-orders for the iPhone XR begin October 19, and the device will hit shelves on October 26.

Last year, Apple finally managed to marry supply and demand by December, meaning that you’ll probably be waiting a couple of months until all the new devices are available for next day shipping.

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