Apple tries teaching photo editing over the phone


Apple Photos app on iOS or macOS
Apple's phone-only training covers the iOS and macOS versions of Photos. But a Today at Apple training session might be better.
Photo: Apple

Apple is once again offering one-on-one tutorials on photo editing. Oddly though, these training sessions are given over the phone.

There are grounds to question the usefulness of a lesson in which neither the teacher nor the student can see what the other is doing. Perhaps an in-person Today at Apple group session would be a better option.

“You’ll have 30 minutes one-on-one with a Photos expert who’ll describe how to edit pictures from your own collection. They’ll tailor the session to your skill level and show you how to get the results you want,” says a page on Apple’s Support website.

This is specifically described as a “guided phone session,” so it’s not done online.

The training covers both the macOS and iOS versions of the Photos app. While it’s not likely to make anyone into a graphic artist in half an hour, the training at least attempts to be comprehensive:

“Your session guide will cover all the editing tools Photos offers — from the one-click fix of the Auto Enhance tool, to detailed light and color adjustments. We’ll even help you edit your Live Photos and images taken in Portrait mode. You’ll also learn how to crop and filter your photos, and revert your adjustments if you want to start over.”

Try Today at Apple instead

Those who want a more in-person experience can sign up for a Today at Apple session. These won’t be one-on-one training, but at least attendees can see their teacher.

Today at Apple launched last year, and offers dozens of training sessions at all the company’s retail stores.  Categories go well beyond photography and video. There are classes on music, business, codling, and more.