iPhone could get the accessory that every iPad Pro owner loves


Apple Pencil is the ultimate iPad accessory.
The Apple Pencil could be coming soon to an iPhone near you.
Photo: Apple

If you’ve been hankering to use the Apple Pencil with your iPhone, you may finally get your wish this year. That’s according to a new report from market intelligence firm TrendForce, which suggests that Apple’s next-gen OLED iPhones will boast support for the company’s high-end stylus.

At present, the Apple Pencil is available only for the iPad Pros and the latest entry-level iPad. Apple introduced the accessory in late 2015.

Bringing the Apple Pencil to iPhone

The report doesn’t go into great detail about the Apple Pencil support for iPhones, although it’s certainly a move that many people — including myself — would love to see.

With Apple offering up to 6.5 inches of screen real estate with its largest OLED iPhone this year, there would definitely be enough space for users to take advantage of the Apple Pencil.

Apple rival Samsung has long mocked Apple over the fact that its larger iPhones don’t come with a stylus. Late last week, Samsung took shots at Apple for exactly this in one of its latest ads.

Other details about the new iPhones

TrendForce’s report contains a few other tidbits about Apple’s 2018 iPhone refresh, many of these confirming what we’ve heard in previous reports. This includes the fact that all three next-gen iPhones will include Face ID, and confirms the display sizes — with 6.5- and 5.8-inch OLED models, and a 6.1-inch LCD handset.

TrendForce offers potential glimpse at 2018 iPhone lineup.
A potential glimpse at this year’s iPhone refresh.
Photo: TrendForce

The 6.1-inch LCD version will reportedly boast Dual-SIM functions and will retail for around $699 to $749. The OLED iPhones, meanwhile, will have 4GB of memory. The cheaper of the two handsets will retail for between $899 and $949, while the larger screen version will cost around the same $999 as the iPhone X. Supposedly the two OLED iPhones will offer three storage options.

The larger handset will also include Dual-SIM service, although this will be limited to certain areas.

As ever with rumors, none of this is confirmed yet — and we’ll have to wait until Apple debuts its new iPhones next month to know for sure. Between the Apple Pencil and lower prices, these are certainly steps in the right direction, though.

What are you hoping for from Apple’s next-gen iPhones? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: TrendForce