Samsung can’t believe Apple Pencil doesn’t work with iPhone


A new Samsung ad makes a good point about the Apple Pencil.
A new Samsung ad makes a good point about the Apple Pencil, but is also makes some untrue statements.
Screenshot: Samsung

Samsung continues its “Ingenious” negative marketing campaign against the iPhone. The latest ad shows a customer confused that the Apple Pencil can’t be used on the iPhone.

While Samsung’s ad makes a point that quite a few iPhone users agree with, another statement made is more than a bit deceptive.

Take a look at the ad:

In the Ingenious: Pen ad, a supposed Apple Store employee tells a customer that the Apple Pencil works only on the iPad. When she asks what she can use on the iPhone instead, he says the other option is a finger.

Apple Pencil for iPad, please

The first statement in Samsung’s ad is true. And that’s something many iPhone users find frustrating. This pressure-sensitive stylus would be well suited for taking notes on the iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus, but support for the Pencil is limited to Apple’s tablets.

This September, quite a few people will have their fingers crossed that the rumored 6.5-inch iPhone will be the first to support this accessory. that would make it a better competitor for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung ain’t tellin’ the truth

But Samsung’s assertion that a finger is the only other option besides the Apple Pencil just isn’t true.

There are quite a few capacitive styli on the market that work with iPhone. There are high-end models and cheap ones. Some companies even give away promotional pens that also function as capacitive styli.

Admittedly, these aren’t pressure sensitive, like the S Pen that comes with the Galaxy Note 9. But that doesn’t affect their usability for taking quick notes.

And Samsung glossed over the fact that its S Pen doesn’t work with the Galaxy S9 and its predecessors. The only option for those devices is a capacitive stylus. Or, you know, your finger.

A less-than genious campaign

Some of the earlier “Ingenious” ads have made fun of the iPhone X notch, a lack of on-screen multitasking in iOS phones, and Apple’s refusal to put microSD card slots in its mobile devices.

A recent study by market analysts found that Samsung is wasting its time. These ads target an age group made up of people who’ve already locked into either iPhone or Android.