High-energy Apple Watch ads advise you to ‘close your rings’


Apple Watch
Apple's new ads push the importance of fitness.
Photo: Apple

Apple challenges Apple Watch users of any age to “close your rings” in a new series of high-energy ads for its smartwatch.

The short, 15-second spots debuted on Apple’s Australian YouTube channel. It’s likely they will roll out internationally before long. Check them out below.

The new ads encourage users to, “Sit less. Move more. Get some exercise.” The call to “Close Your Rings” campaign is a continuing Apple initiative. The Stand, Move and Exercise rings are key components of Apple Watch’s Activity app. Together, they represent your daily progress in your personal fitness quest.

Earlier this year, Apple published a “Close Your Rings” webpage, explaining how important it is to get your daily exercise. Monitoring your rings — and Apple Watch’s gentle reminders — can make a difference. The goal is motivation to achieve a simple goal, whether that means going for a run or simply standing up once per hour.

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Apple Watch as fitness device

The ads also underline the way Apple Watch marketing has evolved. Apple’s messaging has moved away from luxury advertising to presenting the device more like a conventional fitness tracker.

What do you think of Apple Watch’s latest ads? Are they enough to convince you to invest in an Apple wearable if you don’t already own one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.