Inexpensive Logitech Crayon iPad stylus debuts just for students


Logitech Crayon
The Logitech Crayon was designed for the classroom. It saves schools quite a bit of money compared to the Apple Pencil.
Photo: Logitech

Logitech’s $49 active stylus for iPad unveiled back in March just debuted. However, at this point the Crayon can only be purchased through Apple’s Education channel.

This accessory for students was created to be a cheaper alternative to the Apple Pencil, which schools can buy at $89.

The Logitech Crayon doesn’t offer all the features of the Pencil. It includes tilt detection but not pressure sensittivity. Still, lines can be made thicker or thinner by angling the stylus.

Like the Pencil, the iPad will ignore a hand resting on the screen while drawing.

This input device works with the new 9.7-inch iPad that debuted this spring, as well as all iPad Pro models. Not only can it be used for drawing, but Apple iWork apps were recently updated with new drawing features. And a stylus can be used for more than many people realize.

Logitech Crayon made for students

Logitech designed the Crayon with children in mind. It can’t be disassembled without a special tool, for example. And unlike the Pencil, it’s oblong so it won’t roll off a desk.

The battery can go for 8 hours before running out of juice, so a whole school day. If it gets low, 2 minutes of charging is enough for 30 minutes of use. The Crayon is charged through a Lightning port on one end. No adapter is necessary to plug in a standard iPad or iPhone power cable.

As mentioned, purchasing the $49 Logitech Crayon can only be done through the Apple Education channel. We reached out to Logitech about the possibility of also offering this product to the general public. A company spokesperson would only say, “We don’t comment on our future product roadmap.”

Still, anyone who wants an active pen for their iPad can always get an Apple Pencil.