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Apple headphones concept mashes AirPod with HomePod


Apple headphones concept
A well-known designer has proposed his ideas for Apple headphones, including wireless charging.
Photo: Martin Hajek

It’s an open secret that Apple is developing its own over-the-ear headphones, separate from Beats’ products. Well-known designer Martin Hajek dreamed up suggestions for how these super-size AirPods might look. 

His concept art shows a heavy influence from Apple’s HomePod smart speaker, and the headphones function in somewhat the same ways.

These are not leaked images. They are Mr. Hajek’s own creations, posted on the German site Curved. He produces pictures of many rumored Apple products, such as the iPad Pro X and the curved iPhone. It’s possible he’s gunning for a job with Jonny Ive, Apple’s head of design.

An offspring of HomePod and AirPod

Apple’s in-ear AirPods depend on Bluetooth, as iPhones don’t include headset jacks anymore. These wireless earpods favor  portability over audio quality, but information leaking out from several sources indicates that over-the-ear headphones are also in development at Apple. These would offer a much better music listening experience.

Top quality audio is also the goal of the HomePod, and Mr. Hajek sees these Apple headphones taking on much of the design aesthetic of this smart speaker, including the same black or white fabrics.

Siri inside

One side of the Apple headphones in the  concept art includes the Siri waveform graphic, indicating that Hajek predicts this voice control system will be integrated, just as it is with HomePod. (This is also supposedly coming to the next generation AirPod.)

Apple headphones concept
Mr. Hajek concept Apple headphones look a lot like the HomePod.
Photo: Martin Hajek

As with all Bluetooth devices, these Apple headphones will need an internal battery. A wireless charger is included in the concept images. This assumes Apple can’t find a way to charge this accessory from its upcoming AirPower mat.

Apple headphone problems

Being only the subject of rumors and speculation, it’s not known when these over-the-ear Apple headphones will see the light of day. One possibility is the keynote for its World Wide Developer Conference on June 4.

On the other hand, a recent unconfirmed report indicated that there are “challenges” in the design process, delaying the release of this product. If so, they may not hit store shelves this year.