Meet the Baxters, a family of awesome storage shelves for iMac


The Baxter iMac shelves are super-practical.
The Baxter shelves are super-practical.
Photo: Baxter

Did you ever take a look at the sleek and simple back of your iMac and thought to yourself: “That could really use some more clutter,”? Then we have some great news. Short of turning your Mac face-down in your grandmother’s house and leaving it to accumulate lace doilies and figurines, the Baxter Storage Shelf is the best way to add clutter, aka. storage space to your iMac.

The Baxter family

The Baxter family is named as if it were an actual family. Every shelf in the range hangs off the iMac’s stand, which is as sturdy a hunk of aluminum as you’re like to find. The simplest of the Baxters is Nigel Baxter, a single shelf, laser-cut from plywood and finished with an optional veneer or fancy custom print. The prints are great –they’ll make the whole thing look even busier.

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, the Baxters increase in complexity, from a relatively simple dual-shelf layouts through a column of cubbyholes, right up to the monstrous XXX Baxter, which includes a row of hooks for cables, headphones, or similar.

Neat, and hidden from view

One of the options is just a picture.
One of the options is just a picture.
Photo: Baxter

Kidding aside, these shelves are super practical. Not only do they put storage right where you need it, they reclaim previously-unused space. And if you have peripherals like hard drives or TV tuners dangling off the back of your Mac, the Baxter setup couldn’t be more suitable. What’s even better is that you never have to see the clutter while you’re working. It’s all hidden from view. Your co-workers will be the ones who have to suffer. If you have your own laser cutter, you can score the design files to cut your own shelves from $2. Otherwise, $20 is the Kickstarter minimum buy-in to get a DIY-assembly shelf.

I’m going to order up one of these Baxters, drop a doily on there, and load it up with little crystal butterflies, and maybe a cute little ceramic troll. If nothing else, it’ll keep The Lady out of my office while I work.