U.K.’s flagship Apple Store robbed in scary nighttime raid


The Regent Street store looks all new on the inside.
The exterior of the Regent Street Apple Store.
Photo: Apple

A gang of thieves robbed London’s Regent Street Apple Store in a brazen overnight raid. After threatening a security guard with a hammer, the group of 10 robbers took off on mopeds with an assortment of iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches.

The Metropolitan Police were called at 12:45 a.m. Monday, just minutes after the thieves broke into the U.K.’s flagship Apple store. Two iPhone X handsets were recovered at the nearby King’s Cross subway station, but the criminals got away.

Despite the raid, the store was open as usual today. There were no signs of visible damage in the store. Apple has so far declined to comment on the incident, which comes at a time when crimes involving moped and scooter thieves in London are on the rise.

Due to the high resale value of their stock, Apple Stores have been targeted frequently by thieves over the years. Back in 2011, a gang of 14 thieves on mopeds raided Apple’s Covent Garden, London, store in the early hours of the morning and made off with a handful of valuable Macs and iOS devices.

It’s not just a U.K. phenomenon, either. Late last year, the Apple store in Palo Alto, California, was subject to an attack by a group of thieves who rented an SUV and “ram-raided” the store. They smashed the 40-foot glass window at the entrance to gain access, then stole iPhones, Macs and other devices before fleeing.

We’ll update this story if additional details come out about the Regent Street robbery. In the meantime, if you have any knowledge about the crime, make sure to contact the Metropolitan Police.

Source: BBC

  • CelestialTerrestrial

    there might be a way to deter stolen product. Apple should create a site where someone can type in the serial number and if it’s stolen property, it will say so, that way someone can report stolen property when they see it, and the thieves will have a tougher time selling it.

    • if they ran off with display models they they’re already blocked and nothing more than paper weights. They’re set to be bricks when they leave a certain distance from the stores as well as obviously being remotely switched off by Apple … I think!

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        They might have gone in their inventory and stole everything that’s in unopened boxes. Either way, it’s still a good idea for companies to have a website with a serial number check.

    • doombadger

      No one buying stolen Apple will care that it’s stolen.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        How do you know? If a group of thugs steals several hundred phones that are factory sealed, are they doing it for the fun of it? They are selling them.

  • Haggie

    1.) These will all be locked out the first time they connect to the Internet. I wonder how many people will get an Apple product for Christmas that they will come to find was stolen?

    2.) A hammer? If brandishing a hammer is all it takes to get past security, why have security?

  • Chris P. Bacon

    If only they would invent some sort of metal object that could go in front of the doors and windows of shops. This, let’s call it a “gate,” could be closed at night and opened during business hours. I’m going to patent this.

  • Andy Brooks

    A hammer? Mopeds? Sounds like Leander and his English goons strike again!

  • CelestialTerrestrial

    That’s typically not possible. Especially if they are buying over eBay.