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Palo Alto Apple store targeted by ‘ram-raider’ thieves


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Not the correct place to park your car.
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The Apple store in Palo Alto, California, suffered a brazen attack when a group of thieves in a rented SUV “ram-raided” the store early Sunday morning.

The burglars drove their vehicle at high speed into the 40-foot glass window at the front of the store, then climbed through the hole it had made. They stole iPhones, Macs and other devices before fleeing.


Fortunately, police were able to apprehend half of the suspects, who were all in their teens. They included 19-year-old Shaquin K. Ferguson, already on parole for weapon violations; 18-year-old Erica Jaynisha White; and two juveniles, aged 16 and 17, whose identities have not been released because of their age.

Police are still searching for between four and six more suspects. There has been no valuation put on the items that were stolen or damaged during the raid.

The Palo Alto Apple store will open Monday as usual.

Apple stores have long suffered from similar “ram-raiding” crimes. These have taken place all over the world, in a phenomenon that is also seen with high-end fashion stores with similarly valuable goods on display. (The giant glass windows probably don’t help!)

Source: The Mercury News

Via: Apple Insider