Desk clutter finds new home with this iMac caddy


Maqe Mac Caddy iMac accessories
Mac Caddy can help declutter your desk.
Photo: Maqe

iMac desktop storage solutions usually involve folders and hard drives. But what about tidying and organizing the desktop on which your iMac is perched?

The Mac Caddy, produced by Maqe, is a cubby that hangs off the back of any slim-edge iMac monitor to stow your analog pens, pencils, notesbooks and all the small items that tend to clutter your desk or workspace.

This accessory might remind iMac users of one of those little utensil baskets that perch the edge of dish racks in the kitchen. This basket stretches the length of your 21.5- or 27-inch iMac monitor and has a couple of clever features.

iMac accessories
Mac Caddy is an analog desktop organizer.
Photo: Maqe

The caddy, now featured on Kickstarter, is made out of TPU, the same silicone rubbery plastic used for protective smartphone cases,

The bracket that rests on the top of the monitor offers a removable camera cover for webcam security. The sides feature cord slots for charging iPhones or plugged-in external hard drives. And a separate basket just for pens and pencils can be positioned anywhere inside the caddy.

Beat desk clutter with these accessories

Several Mac accessories on the market attempt to solve desk clutter issues. A company called Mind Reader Perch makes a set of three drawers that acts as a base for your iMac monitor for around $20. Last year, Cult of Mac featured the Float Shelf, a matching aluminum metal shelf that goes in back and fits on the iMac’s tapered base.

The Mac Caddy is available for preorder on Kickstarter for $20 — $30 off the eventual retail price.

Maqe founder and Mac Caddy designer Quan Li knows the Kickstarter ropes, having found success with his first product, the Soundjump, a Bluetooth speaker with a replaceable battery that can charge other devices.

After popular YouTube show Unbox Therapy featured the speaker, Soundjump sales spiked thanks to the 2 million views the episode received.