Want an iPhone X at launch? Pick this color


Silver iPhone X
Don't expect big camera changes for 2018.
Photo: Apple

The iPhone X is expected to be one of the most sought-after Apple devices in years. And with rumors that the device will be in low supply, getting your hands on one in 2017 won’t be an easy task.

If you don’t care about which color your iPhone X comes in though, there’s a clear winner when it comes color preference among Apple fans that plan to pre-order the iPhone X. Cult of Mac ran a poll yesterday to find out what people are planning to buy and were surprised by the results.

Apple fans are overwhelmingly choosing the Space Grey iPhone X over the Silver model. The 64GB and 256GB models in Silver of the iPhone X placed in third and fourth place in our poll.

Silver iPhone X

Only 31% of our readers plan to choose a silver iPhone X. MacRumors had nearly the exact same results in its poll too.

Considering the iPhone X supply isn’t expected to meet demand until early 2018, this could be great news to customers who have their hearts set on the Silver design. Personally, the Silver model looks better to me because it’s evocative of the original iPhone with its aluminum back.

Of course, just because the Space Grey is the most popular color, might not mean it is sold out quicker. Apple might be producing one color more than the other in anticipation of the demand.

iPhone X preorders open on Friday October 27 at 12:01AM. Check out our guide on how to preorder the right way as well as this article on the best deals on the iPhone X.

  • kzpbb2

    Seems like this is only part of the equation. Also depends on Apple’s build quantity of each variation.

  • RadicalxEdward

    The thing people forget is that apple knows this fact too. Just because they make two colors doesn’t mean 50% are space grey and 50% are silver. They know they’ll sell more space grey so they make more space grey than silver. Which means there’s more available. So just picking silver won’t necessarily change your odds of getting one any sooner.

    • Where’d you get that info from? Or is it just an assumption?

      • Jordan Mcphie

        Sounds like he’s assuming a lot: No fact in anything stated above dude,

      • burtba

        School of bleeding obvious dude. Apple are no dummies. 100% guarantee they will be producing a higher % of space grey than white.

    • kgelner

      A followup to this point – after I pre-ordered last night, I was keeping track of shipping times for both colors across all carriers – it seemed like the shipping times for both colors advanced equally fast, first to 2-3 weeks, then to the current 5-6 weeks you see now (although Sprint pre-orders never did go past Nov 3 last night for either color). So if the white color was less popular, then you were right and they made fewer of them compared to black.

  • Ryan Peterson

    I cant pick what color I want so I’m going to buy one of each and return the one I dont like. Problem solved.