Snapchat tells friends if you use iOS 11 to record their videos

Snapchat tells friends if you use iOS 11 to record their videos


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Snapchat knows what you're up to.
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Snapchat’s expiring messages make it the perfect platform for sharing saucy snaps. But you can’t save them without the sender being notified. You will also be tattled on if you attempt to save a video using iOS 11’s new screen recording feature.

You should never send pictures of your junk to someone who didn’t ask for them. But once you have consent, using a platform like Snapchat is ideal, because your snaps disappear and they can’t come back to bite you later. So I’ve heard.

Snapchat doesn’t give you the option to save the images and videos you receive, but you can take a screenshot. If you do this, however, the sender gets a notification that informs them you now have a permanent copy of their private parts.

The same happens if you use screen recording

Snapchat now sends a similar notification if you use iOS 11’s new screen recording feature to save a copy of a video. The trick works, and your capture is saved to the Photos app. But according to PhoneArenait isn’t discreet.

“Snapchat displays a very visible notification saying that a video has been recorded. There is no way to roll back, of course: the video recipient will still have it and you cannot delete it on their device, but at least you will know.”

Snapchat can’t fix this problem

Sadly, Snapchat is unable to prevent you from taking a screenshot or recording your screen altogether. It could implement a method of blocking the image or video when a screenshot is taken, or screen recording is active. But Apple’s restrictions prevent it.