Apple’s quick iOS 11.0.1 release is here to kill some bugs


iOS 11
The first iOS 11 update is here.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

iPhone and iPad users that upgraded to iOS 11 last week are already getting their first update even though Apple didn’t release any beta builds to developers yet.

The new iOS 11.0.1 update was pushed out to devices this morning exactly one week after the big release of iOS 11. It’s not clear if there are any major changes, but it looks like it may come with some important bug fixes.

Apple’s release notes for iOS 11.0.1 only mention that it comes with “bug fixes and improvements for your iPhone or iPad.” Two builds of the update are available. Build 15A402 is for iPad and iPhone users while build 15A403 is for the unreleased iPhone X.

What’s inside iOS 11.0.1

You can download the new software as an over-the-air update right now. To do so, just go to the Software Update section in the Settings app on your device.

It doesn’t look like Apple has added any major UI changes or feature tweaks. Considering how quickly it was released, it may likely fix some undisclosed security vulnerabilities or kill some pesky glitches.

iOS 11 brought a host of new features to the iPad and iPhone last week. Siri received some big updates while Control Center became more dynamic with customizable toggles. A new Files app was added along with big multi-tasking changes for the iPad. Read up on all the new features in our giant iOS 11 guide.

  • Mike FAulkner

    Anyone else having an issue with the app store on the iPad mini?

    • Yorgos Ntoulias


  • Deplorable Lance Corvette

    “glitches” like my phone dialing random numbers when I pull it off my cheek. Like showing “2” voice mails on the phone icon, then when I click phone and go to voice mail it shows no new messages.

    “glitches” like my phone is set to vibrate on call but it doesn’t actually do that.

  • jdh02138

    “… it may come with some important bug fixes.” Ah, it may? And if so, which ones, pray tell? If they don’t tell us whether they’ve squashed the bugs, how are we supposed to trust the software. I’m not installing till the next update to the update to the update. Burned too many times.

    • gotta have faith

      • jdh02138

        With G-d I have faith, with corporations I have caution! ;-)

  • Tom

    Siri doesn’t respond. Turn on Hey Siri doesn’t work.

  • Emm Yo

    I still can’t pair my stereo to my iphone7+. There was NO problem with my iPhone 6+ – which I traded in…duh. The 6+ died during phone calls and would be out for up to 20 minutes. Not good in emergencies. I’m gettjng weary of iPhone crap.