Twitter’s best visual jokes about Face ID and iPhone X


Want Face ID jokes? Twitter's got a million of them.
Want Face ID jokes? Twitter's got a million of them.
Photo: Apple

Tim Cook calls the iPhone X and its Face ID system the “future of the smartphone.” We call it the current face of funny on Twitter.

Here are some of the best Face ID jokes we’ve seen.

Face ID jokes on Twitter

A geeky ‘evil twin’ joke

Apple started it all with a Star Trek joke during today’s iPhone X keynote. More jokes based on sci-fi, comics and horror would inevitably sprout up on Twitter.

Two-Face would clearly have a problem

Obligatory Game of Thrones jokes

Hit show Game of Thrones, with its shapeshifting assassins known as the Faceless Men, proved an obvious point of departure.

The horror of changing your password

Other folks focused on horror.

More unexpected danger!


Not exactly Leatherface scary, but still creepy-looking.

And ominous!

And then there were real-world concerns about Face ID. Basically it’s a joke that keeps writing and rewriting itself. (And also — it’s the future of biometric security.)

And of course there’s President Donald Trump …

Could be trouble

Actually, this might improve facial recognition

Sound familiar?

And that’s just Day 1. Certainly there will be plenty more Face ID jokes as we get closer to seeing how well it really works (or doesn’t).

It’s not all Face ID jokes

Want to know more? Read all about the new iPhone X, the also-impressive iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and everything else Apple unveiled at today’s big event (surprises included).

  • Jay

    I just find it less secure because someone else can point your phone at your face and swipe up to unlock it which to me is easier than getting you to touch the sensor.

    • How are they going to get your phone, have you lookout it at close range and use it if you don’t want them to?

      • BusterH

        My friends can be real shitheads. They’ll find a way.

      • Jay

        Watch the review video where someone else is holding the phone and has the Apple Engineer look at it to unlock it.. it’s that easy.

      • If someone can pickup your phone, point it at your face, and continue to use it while you sit there, that’s your security problem. If someone steals your phone, the chances of them being able to point it at your face, and run away while it’s unlocked seem much lower. It’s pretty clear that is what this security is intended for, not for “my friend grabbed my phone and I can’t get it back while he goes through my stuff”.

      • Jay

        Uh they just need to have you unlock it before they steal it. Its a huge step back. The process of unlocking is slower and FaceID only exsists because they were too lazy and rushed this thing out the door. Touch ID is still king.