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Apple wants to sell 4K iTunes movies for $20


Apple wants a deal with studio execs to bring high-priced movie rentals to iTunes within days of release.
iTunes movies could soon look a whole lot sharper.
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4K video is likely to be the big update for this year’s Apple TV, and to mark the occasion Apple has been trying to finalize deals with movie studios to begin offering 4K movies to accompany it.

The only problem? According to a new report, both parties are struggling to meet when it comes to pricing.

Tough negotiating

Apple wants to sell HD movies for $20, but studios are reportedly asking for an extra $5-10 per sale. The report, from the Wall Street Journal, notes that some executives are not yet on board with the deal, but it’s not apparent whether this represent a few holdouts or the overwhelming majority of studios.

“I wouldn’t tell Apple how to price their iPads,” one unnamed studio executive is quoted as saying.

Apple is hoping to have the deals wrapped up by September 12, when it is heavily rumored to be holding its next media event — showing off the iPhone 8, new Apple TV, and more.

From Apple’s perspective, being able to announce a 4K back catalog would be a great attention-grabber at the event. At the same time, however, knowing that there is a deadline Apple is working to could favor the other side in playing hardball at the negotiating table.

The importance of 4K

Would you pay $20 to download 4K movies from iTunes? Are you excited about the next generation Apple TV, or would it take a more fundamental update to make you upgrade or buy your first Apple set-top box? Leave your comments below.