Galaxy S8 does little to disrupt iPhone 7 sales

Galaxy S8 does little to disrupt iPhone 7 sales


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iPhone 8 rumors haven't had an impact yet, either.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

iPhone 7 sales remain “steady” despite the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and a flood of iPhone 8 rumors.

A new report suggests that Apple’s most recent smartphone is dominating the premium smartphone market in the U.S. alongside its main rival, and there’s little sign of a mass-holdout for the big refresh this fall.

It’s often labeled “boring,” but the iPhone 7 has been hugely successful for Apple. Even ten months after its release, the device is still fighting off the latest competition from the likes of LG and Google, with the G6 said to have “disappointed” so far.

In a note to investors,  Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley reveals that iPhone 7 sales were still “steady” as summer began, and may have even improved slightly in June. It seems the Galaxy S8 and rumors promising major upgrades this September have had little impact.

As for iPhone 8, Walkley says it will bring “few surprises.” It seems Apple is likely to deliver on many of the things the rumors have promised — but probably not much else.

“At a minimum, we expect the new iPhone to include an OLED screen (produced by Samsung initially with potential second sourcing in 2018 from Japan Display, Sharp, and AU Optronics) with very high screen to body ratio, the elimination of the home button, fast or accelerated charging, improved stereo speakers, fewer color SKUs, 64GB and 256GB memory options, and possibly improved water resistance,” Walkley writes.

“We also anticipate 3D sensing technology for facial recognition, wireless charging and a full glass body design.”

There’s no mention of Touch ID in there. Recent reports have suggested it could go as Apple pushes us toward facial recognition instead, though Walkley may have simply omitted it because it’s an existing feature, rather than a new one.

Apple will reveal its actual iPhone sales figures for last quarter on August 1. Its earnings call will give us a more accurate picture of how the handset has been performing as it ages and new competitors enter the market.

Via: AppAdvice