iPhone 8 will include fewer casing colors, no Touch ID


Apple is certainly shaking things up with the iPhone 8.
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Will Apple manage to successfully embed Touch ID into the OLED display of the iPhone 8, or will it have to follow in the footsteps of Android device makers and opt for a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor?

None of the above, claims well-respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In a list of predictions he’s made for the next iPhone, Kuo claims Apple will skip Touch ID altogether for its next-gen handset. And that’s not the only surprise!

“We predict the OLED model [iPhone 8] won’t support fingerprint recognition,” Kuo writes. The reasons? The full-screen design doesn’t work with existing capacitive fingerprint recognition, and under-the-display fingerprint recognition tech still isn’t ready.

Kuo alluded to this problem in a separate research note, in which he poured cold water on Qualcomm’s recent demo of under-the-display fingerprint technology by pointing out that it’s not yet ready to ship.

This doesn’t explain why Apple wouldn’t adopt a rear touch sensor, as seen on the Samsung Galaxy S8 — but, if true, maybe Jony Ive and team just weren’t willing to compromise if Apple couldn’t get its Touch ID display tech working.

If the iPhone 8 doesn’t ship with a fingerprint sensor, it will be the first iPhone to lack one since 2013’s iPhone 5s. Touch ID came into existance after Apple acquired biometrics company AuthenTec the previous July. That $356 million deal gave Apple the right to use AuthenTec hardware, software and patents.

A whole lot more predictions

That’s not the end of Kuo’s predictions. He also suggests the new iPhone 8 will boast the highest screen-to-body ratio of any smartphone currently available worldwide, and that it will distinguish its “boutique” status by offering a smaller range of handset colors than other recent iPhones.

It will also only come in one screen size, which Kuo says will be 5.2-inches or 5.8-inches “depending on the definition of screen size in use.” (Don’t worry if you want a different size, though, because he predicts that Apple will also launch the usual 4.7- and 5.5-inch displays for LCD iPhone 7s models.)

In addition, he claims that the OLED iPhone 8 will support 3D sensing for facial recognition and improved selfie quality. Both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s Plus will come with dual cameras and 3GB DRAM, he says, while the 4.7-inch iPhone 7s will have only 2GB DRAM for its single camera.

All three new models, Kuo suggests, will come with 64GB and 256GB storage options, and all three will have a Lightning port — although “there will be an embedded USB-C power delivery IC for higher charging efficiency.”

Kuo says Apple will announce all three phones at the same time in September, but that the OLED iPhone 8 will likely ship later than the LCD phones. “Supply tightness,” he writes, “may not improve before [Q1 2018.]”

Finally, he forecasts that shipments of all three models will be between 80 million and 85 million units this year, with an equal split between the OLED and LCD iPhones.

If you’re in the mood for more iPhone 8 gossip, you can check out our own list of expectations for the next-gen iPhones here.

Source: StreetInsider

  • Doublewhip

    No fingerprint sensor? I won’t be buying it.

  • Ditvind Ikervan

    That does not sound good.. The 3d sensing would need my face to be towards the camera, that simply is not always the case..

    Darkness might be solveable by an infrared sensor, but what about those times you want to quickly unlock your phone while… dare I say it… driving… Should I hold it up to my face to unlock ?

    Its the most extreme example I can think of but still… The finger print sensor works really well on the 6s, and it is a great combination of form and function, when I look on my phone I also want to touch it.. So the fingerprint sensor is a very natural choice..

    Love the screen though..

    • Dudley8

      You should leave the damn phone alone while driving. Thanks.

      • Ditvind Ikervan

        Like I said, I was making an extreme example… But it really is not that weird a thought… You -KNOW- that people still use their phones while driving, you might not agree (I do not either), but it does happen, and a lot.. So if apple moves away from the fingerprint sensor this will still happen AND it would mean people would start unlocking it while looking at it..

        Ergo: very bad idea..

        Thing is that this guy seems to get it right sometimes and the supply chain for the new iphone should now have ramped up so rumours can get real now.

        We also know that apple needed to make a really nice phone this year, with the 10 year and al..

        I might have been that they were counting on that “under the screen” finger print thing to work and they were going for a combination where that would work and also the facial scanning.

        Facial scanning (photos are not fooled by this since its 3d, not the same as with the Samsung debacle) would have been added as a second possibility working towards the secure element just like touchID.

        When the under the screen touchid fell through there were a few options:

        1) Move towards a finger print scanner on the back, I think that would go against apples design language, also it would mean a needed redesign of the whole case.

        2) Abandon the fingerprint scanner keeping the security environment intact since facialID was also added..

        There are so many ways I would think this is a wrong move that I can hardly imagine it beiing true though… But again… supply chain rumours should be getting valuable about now..

  • Given that the fingerprint sensor is an integral part of how Apple secures the iPhone – AND it’s a key piece of ApplePay that Apple is pushing hard, I find it hard to believe that Apple would remotely consider dropping the fingerprint sensor.

    • Ditvind Ikervan

      Not really.. the security is in the security enclave chip… That gets its biometrics from an external sensor, that could very easily be a facial recognition thing, or a voice analyzer.. I do not think those are a good idea but it would be very possible without compromising security, it might even improve it.. A thumbprint has been shown to be copyable, that might be a whole lot harder with a whole face..

      So security might be fine, its usability that would get a hit…

      • Actually, many face detection technologies in use can be spoofed with a photo.

        Usability would take a huge hit. The entire ApplePay flow would be broken by this. Terminals aren’t positioned to accommodate a face scan and tap. Stores have been slow enough to enable NFC payments. A move like this wouldn’t help.

        I just can’t see Apple going this route. Maybe facial recognition as an alternative to fingerprint, but replacing it – no way

      • iHead

        Not 3d facial recog though, which what Apple will do from their patents.

    • Ditvind Ikervan

      The secure element is how Apple secures the iphone and Apple pay… The TouchID sensor is only an interface towards the secure element.. It could easily change to something else biometric while keeping the security at the same level.

  • BMPVisual

    Kuo is a hack. He makes every guess under the sun and some are right so he has a “good track record”

  • Jeff McLean

    I will get the 7s then. Love touch ID but will wait for the next version to put it in the screen. I just can’t see always putting my phone to my face for it to unlock and then forget paying for anything that way.

  • iia3ezu

    I’m amazed Apple hasn’t implemented Touch ID on the side of the phone (similar to Sony Xperia), which is way more ergonomic and natural than putting it on the front or back. Put the sensor on both sides so the lefties don’t feel discriminated.

    Samsung can’t do this, because the edges of a Galaxy phone are curved glass.

    This is a golden opportunity for Apple. And to commemorate the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, you could put FM radio in this year’s iPhones.