Upgrades turn Logitech Circle 2 into versatile security camera [Update: Now works with HomeKit]


Logitech Circle 2 Wire Free
New features and accessories make the Circle 2 far more useful.
Photo: Logitech

Update: A software update in September 2017 made Logitech Circle 2 HomeKit compatible.

Major upgrades to Logitech’s Circle cam — including HomeKit compatibility coming “soon” through a software update — turn it from a cute desktop camera into a bona fide indoor-outdoor security device.

Circle 2 packs a 180 degree wide-angle lens and brings 1080p HD streaming, night vision and two-way talk and listen. The updates come in the form of new, better power options and a handful of accessories that make the Circle 2 more useful in more environments than its somewhat limited predecessor.

“People want the peace of mind that comes with a simple security solution,” said Vincent Borel, Logitech’s director of new ventures, in a press release. “Circle 2 gives people just that — you can place the camera wherever you need it, inside or out, and rest assured that you’ll be alerted of any changes in your home while you’re away.”

Logitech Circle 2 Wired
The wired version of the Circle 2 is ready to face the elements with a new waterproof extension.
Photo: Logitech

Unlike the original Circle, which ran on a rechargeable battery that limited its usefulness, Circle 2 comes in two models with different power options — Wired ($179) and Wire-Free ($199).

The Wired Circle 2 pulls power from a standard outlet. The wireless version, which makes it easier to place the Circle 2 wherever you want it, uses a rechargeable battery that lasts up to three months.

Both models store up to 24 hours of video in the cloud for free, with extra storage and additional features available for a monthly fee. The cameras work with the free Logi Circle Security Camera iOS app, which also gets an upgrade. (There’s a web app and a Circle app for Android, too.)

Circle 2 mounts and accessories

Logitech Circle 2 Wire Wired window mount
This mount puts the Circle 2 in a great position to capture whatever’s going on outside your window.
Photo: Logitech

Circle 2 mounts and accessories make the little round security camera far more versatile. They include:

  • Circle 2 Window Mount: Add this to your Circle 2 and you can mount it on any window for a clear view of what’s going on outside.
  • Circle 2 Plug Mount: This accessory lets the wireless camera plug into any standard wall outlet.
  • Circle 2 Weatherproof Extension: This accessory lets you place a wired Circle 2 outdoors without worrying about rain and snow.
  • Circle 2 Rechargeable Battery: If you go for the wireless model, a backup battery that you can swap in means you won’t miss anything while during recharging the original power source.

The Circle 2 accessories are priced between $29.99 and $49.99.

HomeKit-compatible camera coming ‘soon’

Logitech Circle 2 plug adapter
The Circle 2 plug adapter lets you place the camera at any electrical outlet.
Photo: Logitech

At launch, the Circle 2 will work with Amazon’s Alexa-powered smart speakers to give you voice control to start recordings and change camera settings. The camera also works with Logitech’s POP Smart Buttons.

As for working with Apple’s home-automation platform, Logitech wouldn’t say anything beyond “HomeKit compatibility will arrive soon.”

Currently, there’s only one HomeKit-compatible camera on the market: the $200 Omna 180 Cam HD Camera from D-Link. If Logitech makes good on its promise soon enough, Circle 2 should be able to take advantage of growing demand for HomeKit-compatible devices.

The Logitech Circle 2 camera is available for preorder starting today, with devices slated to ship in July. Logitech says Circle 2 will be available soon from Best Buy, Amazon and Apple.

It looks like a great update to the original Circle, which Wirecutter crowned “best wireless indoor home security camera.”