Logitech Pop smart buttons now work with HomeKit


Available from the Apple store soon.
Available from the Apple store soon.
Photo: Logitech

Logitech’s neat little Pop buttons, which bring simple controls to your smart home devices, now work with Apple HomeKit.

The latest Pop kit, available exclusively from the Apple store and Apple.com, comes with the bridge device you’ll need to integrate Pop buttons into your network.

Pop is a simple button that supports up to three different commands, and it can be used to control smart devices around your home without the need for complicated remotes. Pop works with lights, speakers, locks, thermostats, TV and cable boxes, and lots more.

Until now, Pop has connected directly to certain smart devices, such as Sonos speakers, using Bluetooth technology. But with a new bridge hub, you can also integrate them into your HomeKit network, allowing them to be used with a whole host of other HomeKit-compatible devices.

The bridge ships with one pre-paired Pop button. You can press it once for one command, press it twice for another, or press and hold for a third. Each one is customizable, so you can program your button to meet your requirements, and you can connect multiple Pops to one bridge.

The startup kit consisting of one bridge and one button costs $59.95, while additional buttons can be purchased for $39.99 apiece. If you already own a Pop button, you’ll be able to make it HomeKit-compatible by adding a bridge. You’ll be able to grab yours from the Apple store soon.