2017 iMacs will bring spec bumps to woo power users


New iMacs will be aimed at high-end users.
Photo: Apple

Apple is reportedly set to launch new iMacs geared toward the pro market later this year.

The revelation came during a very rare Apple press briefing concerning its future plans. While the big news coming out of this meeting with a small group of reporters is that a radical rethink of the Mac Pro is on the way, there was also talk of an imminent iMac refresh.

As TechCrunch notes:

“Though not a ton of time was spent on the iMac during out discussion, the point was made several times by [Craig] Federighi that Apple sees the iMac as absorbing a certain portion of the pro populace who finds what it is capable to be enough for them.

To facilitate this, Apple will be introducing new iMacs this year with unspecified spec bumps that will make them more attractive to those pro users. We don’t know exactly when they’re coming, but they’re being worked on now.”

While there’s not much more to report than this snippet, the news is certainly going to be received well by people who think Apple abandoned its previous focus on power users. As we noted in our review of the 2016 MacBook Pro (where the word “pro” is right in the title), Apple’s latest laptop doesn’t seems designed to fill the need for high-end computers.

Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey (who recently left Facebook) criticized Apple for losing sight of high-end power users. Specifically, Luckey said the decision not to release an Apple-compatible version of the Oculus headset came down to “the fact that Apple doesn’t prioritize high-end GPUs” as it did “back in the day.”

Meanwhile, a report from late last year claimed the Mac division “lost clout” with Apple’s industrial design group and software team. The report described the Mac division as suffering from a lack of clear direction from senior management, departures of key employees, and technical challenges — all conspiring to make the Mac one of Apple’s forgotten divisions.

What would you like to see from a next-gen iMac? Are you just hankering for a spec boost, or would you like to see a revision in the form factor, which has remained largely untouched for years? Leave your comments below.

  • Lasses

    An easy to disabemble 12 core iMac would be great.

    • Nino2

      That would be swell! Easy to remove screws! I’m still trying to figure out how to effectively blow the dust out of my 2014 iMac as we speak.

  • bIg hIlL

    Top end GPUs, user upgradable, more connectivity with game consuls amongst other things,

    • Ford Prefect

      I think Apple forgot what the Mac Pro market was. It’s not just about a shiny box, it has to be user upgradeable in all aspects(memory, GPU, hard drive).

  • Gaurav Pandey

    Woah! iMacs for power users? I am ready with my hard earned fixed deposits :)

  • I’m good, I just loaded my power mac 2010 with 64 gig of ram and a terabyte SSD.

    I was sure Apple would lose its way when Jobs died.

  • I’ve been all ready to jump on an iMac upgrade for close to a year. Finally gave up hope, and instead did an OWC Upgrade to my 2011 iMac 27″. 32 GB RAM, a 6 TB internal drive and a 2nd 2 TB internal SSD. It’s like a brand new computer. Any upgrade Apple makes to the iMac line now is going to have to be pretty spectacular for me to consider upgrading further. You coulda had all my money last year, Apple.

  • I could be tempted to buy an easily upgradable iMac

  • ron_gould

    User upgradable RAM

  • Joe Kelley 

    I wanted a Mac Pro last year, but got hung up on the display. I wound up getting a top-o-th-line 5K iMac with a Core i7 and a 512 SSD. There’s just too much value there. For around $3K, the iMac provides 95% of what I need/want. Similar specs in a Mac Pro + display costs twice that.

  • Crimson Hikari

    Allow it to be made thicker, and leave room for a little bit of expansion? And make it easier to do so? Allow target display mode with the 5k iMacs? Better cooling?

  • noirwest

    Less glue, more screws.

  • BizNetClub

    But cooling will be overlooked

  • disqus_5VvOuhJk5N

    Something REAL better happen soon with the Mac line. I’m THIS close to giving up and building a Hackintosh. No more of the minimalist BS. Power and features and OPTIONS please.

    • Framz Ferdomamd

      Well real soon will be October. So tired of the endless waiting for Apple to get their act together.

  • Ric Bretschneider

    User-upgradeable components. Stop gouging users with short-term built-in end of life.
    Affordance for built-in burnable media. Yeah, let me add a Blu-ray burner if I want it.
    High-speed ports of all types.
    Much more memory. Double what you’re thinking.
    Much more video memory.
    Built-in UPS batteries, again – user swappable.

    That’s just a start.