Apple slams Trump’s reversal of transgender bathroom ruling


Donald Trump speaks to supporters at an immigration policy speech at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona.
Apple is clashing with President Trump again.
Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr CC

Apple has criticized President Donald Trump’s decision to reverse a policy that allowed transgender students to use bathrooms according to the gender they identify as.

The controversial stance on bathroom usage was put in place by former President Barack Obama’s administration last May. At the time, it was hailed as a significant victory for transgender rights.

On Wednesday, the Justice and Education departments reversed the Obama administration’s guidance, which extended Title IX protections to transgender students’ use restrooms and locker rooms.

The new interpretation said the Obama administration’s documents do not “contain extensive legal analysis or explain how the position is consistent with the express language of Title IX, nor did they undergo any formal public process. This interpretation has given rise to significant litigation regarding school restrooms and locker rooms.”

Apple challenged the Trump administration’s stand on the issue.

“Apple believes everyone deserves a chance to thrive in an environment free from stigma and discrimination,” the company said in a statement to Axios. “We support efforts toward greater acceptance, not less, and we strongly believe that transgender students should be treated as equals. We disagree with any effort to limit or rescind their rights and protections.”

Apple clashes with Trump

This isn’t the first time Apple, and Hillary Clinton supporter Tim Cook, has spoken out against Trumps policies. Earlier this month, Apple joined 96 other tech companies signing a legal brief against Trump’s executive order banning travel from seven Muslim-majority countries.

While Cook has taken a progressive stance on a number of issues during his time running Apple, his support of LGBT rights has been one of his biggest talking points. In the past he has penned an opinion piece for The Wall Street Journal urging Congress to approve a bill designed to “protect workers against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.”

He has also used the phrase “inclusion inspires innovation” on multiple occasions to link the work Apple is doing to the changing social fabric of America.

Apple also clashed with Trump over the company’s pro-privacy stance during a standoff with the FBI concerning a possible iPhone backdoor, and on whether Apple should manufacture its products in the United States.

  • Anthony Velazquez

    Apple, please just keep quiet on politics.

    • BusterH

      why? because you don’t like their politics?

      • Anthony Velazquez

        In this case, I don’t agree. And I also don’t agree they are just NOW speaking up. They never said anything as far as I know about Obama deporting a record number of immigrants. But when Trump wanted a temporary ban on some countries they decided to chime in? Seems like they are doing EXACTLY what you are accusing me of…because they don’t like his politics.

      • Paul Lloyd Johnson

        There are exactly 0 reports of children ever being molested by trans people in bathrooms. We don’t need this law, we already have laws against the molestation of children.

      • NapMan

        All he did was give the power back to the states. It’s not all about molestation, it’s about government overreach.

      • Paul Lloyd Johnson

        If a state is telling trans people where they can and can’t go to the bathroom, that is government overreach.

      • MrGayAgenda

        Maybe girls just don’t want to change in front of a dude. People have a right to their privacy.

      • Greg_the_Rugger

        Thanks to the bright folks in NC, ladies are obligated to pee next to a hairy chested tattooed guy.

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      • Anthony Velazquez

        Not in this day and age, the rights of the .01% have to trample on the rights of the rest of the population for the sake of political correctness. SMH

      • Paul Lloyd Johnson

        A trans woman isn’t a dude.

      • JohnnyF1ve

        Science, biology, evolution, and his chromosomes disagree with you.

      • john singleton


    • john singleton

      nv mind

  • Leaving aside the transparently absurd idea that a gadget manufacturer has “thoughts” of its own, about anything, I’ve no interest whatsoever in what Apple thinks on this subject. I am though quite interested in why they’ve not introduced any meaningful desktop product upgrades since the neolithic era. Apple’s thoughts on that would be interesting to hear if Tim Cook can climb down from his social wars bully pulpit to long enough to address such a mundane issue.

  • The problem here is NOT that there is a great concern about transgender/gay people molesting children. Take a look at how this misguided attempt at inclusion and fairness can be abused. Take for example a man or woman who is a sexual predator (of whatever type). This person can use the excuse to enter the bathrooms of the prey he/she is seeking in order to find victims. This attempt at gender equality means that a hairy chested, burley truck driver could say that he identified himself as a woman, and this would allow him to freely walk into women’s bathrooms at will. It opens the door to HUGE privacy issues and voyeurism run rampant. It then becomes uncomfortable or unsafe for women to use public restrooms because any man can walk right in while they’re changing clothes or using the facilities. If he says he’s gay, how do we prove he’s not? This permissive law immediately creates the potential for unsafe conditions — NOT from gays or transgenders necessarily, but from sexual predators who say they identify themselves as the opposite sex, solely for the purpose of their voyeuristic or unlawful sexual activities.

    • Greg_the_Rugger

      There are already peeping tom laws on the books. Bathroom laws like the one in NC demand that the hairy truck driver, who was born woman, must use the women’s toilet.

    • john singleton

      Stop trying to identify “Gays” as woman. you sound rather ignorant to sum such an opinion obviously lacking any understanding in to the subject matter of those whom you have chosen to opinion on… Gay’s aren’t women nor do they want to become women… Geeshh..