The new MacBook Pro may have some battery issues


Some owners of the new MacBook Pro report unexpectedly short battery life.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s innovative new MacBook Pro may come with a battery that is a magnet for problems.

Several owners of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar have taken to Apple’s support forums and Twitter to complain that the battery inside the new machine doesn’t last nearly as long as advertised.

Apple touts 10 hours of battery life on the MacBook Pro’s spec sheet. That can obviously vary depending on use, but some users claim they’re lucky if they get three hours of use on a single charge.

One user posted the following complaint on Apple’s forums:

“I just received my new 15″ MacBook Pro with touch bar. The battery life is horrible!!! I have Safari open with 6 tabs and with 95% battery, I am told that I have under 3 hours of battery life left! I thought these things were supposed to get 10 hours? I ran the battery down in 3 hours last night only browsing the web. I wasn’t watching videos, just browsing. Is there something wrong with my laptop?”

Apple offered to replace the user’s machine with a new MacBook Pro. But other users reported having the same problem. It’s unclear how widespread the issue is.

MacBook Pro problems

This isn’t the first controversy to strike Apple’s fancy new laptop. Other owners have complained about video glitches that make the expensive computer unusable. Some MacBook Pros have also had problems with powering down randomly.

Cult of Mac reached out to Apple for comment but did not receive an immediate reply. If your MacBook Pro is experiencing similar problems, let us know in the comments below.

Via: Redmond Pie

  • disqus_kSfARR9AFC

    My new MacBook Pro 15 is having serious battery issues….just surfing the net drains it. At one point, it went down to 0% while plugged in, I had to call Apple and do some type of reset just so it would run again. Not good for a $3K laptop. I will be returning for a refund and going back to my MacBook Pro 13″…works great.




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  • Hall31

    Glad to see I’m not the only one!

  • Miriam Richardson

    Im only getting 3 hours. 15″.

  • I have the same issue in new MBP without Touch Bar, with 512GB SSD & CPU upgrade…. cant make 5 hours…

  • Frank Leatherman

    My Macbook Air i7 has a battery life for more than 8 hours without any problems – using it on a normal business day (web browsing, some videos, MS Office). And it costs a third of the new macbook pro.
    So I can really recommend the MBA Air – I hope that they will not stop it and will upgrade it with a retina display in the future. And: the MBAir has regular USB 3, PowerSafe, a Thunderbolt connection and a 3,5mm Headphone Jack – which is perfect.
    I stopped buying a new Iphone 7 regarding the missing headphone jack. It as the first time since the first Iphone that I did not purchase the newest one – my Iphone 6s is perfect.
    What Apple forgets with their digital headphones with processors in it: my ears are ANALOG and not digital – so the D/A processor has more space in the computer than in the earphone itself. Poor Apple, Jobs hasn´t allowed an Iphone 7.

    • RyanTV

      You can’t compare a MacBook Air to a MacBook Pro in any way.

      Your air may have an i7, but it is a low-power dual core – not a hyper-threaded quad core. It also has an incredibly low res screen by any standard at this point.

      We are all happy that you like your Air, but it isn’t relevant to this conversation.

  • AlexiWormTongue

    Very disappointed – Just 6 hours here, with no apps taking up significant power. I hope Apple can offer a software patch to fix the problem or issue replacements soon enough.

  • Richard Hallas

    My 15″ model seems to have a battery life in the 6–7 hour region: acceptable, but not as good as I was hoping for (which was the advertised 10 hours, of course).

  • James B

    I contacted Apple support regarding this issue yesterday. My MBP 13″ Touchbar was getting no more than 3-4 hours from a full charge. In the end, the advice was to undertake a clean install of Sierra on the machine which was a real pain – but has resulted in me getting around 7-8 hours battery life instead which is closer to what the specs would suggest.

  • tkdy

    I’m using MacBook Pro 15 with Touch Bar. I think it also has battery problem. When I plugged out the power cable, it says remaining battery time is 6:44. But about 1 minute later, it became 6:30…

  • NitzMan

    It’s sad that we went from an Apple that just worked to one that gives customers issues like this with almost every new product release. Majority of these issues appear to be weird software issues.
    With regard to battery life, I always held Apple in high regard, because they marketed very conservative figures where real use often exceeded quoted figures. Now they appear to be throwing around fanciful figures, which will tarnish the brand.

  • Sadly, same for me. I’ve always managed to ‘dodge a bullet’ in the past and issues that have affected others have not been an issue.

    I have a fully loaded MBP (literally ticked every option), which I love, except the battery only gets about 4 hours ‘doing Facebook’ :(

  • Jaca Paladium

    Yes it’s does ! You have no idea how happy I’m with this battery performance…fell the drama on my new MBP 2016 TB

    • Jaca Paladium

      Just to count. Before get this Macbook..I was using a new MBP 2016 without the touch bar and the battery was performing very awesome ! I’m considering to replace for the one without the touch bar. A battery is much more important than this useless touch bar !

  • Ramendra Sahu

    I am also experiencing battery drain issues on my new 13″ Macbook pro with touchbar. It went from 100% to 6 % just in 3 hrs 35 mins of usage. Just had few browser tabs opened and was playing videos. I am really disappointed that after paying a premium i get a product with such a worse battery life. I am going to watch the performance for a few more days and if it is a persistence problem, I am gonna return it. Very disappointed in Apple.
    Not sure anyone has noticed but the display quality of the macbook is so average. My HP spectre x360 has such a gorgeous display in comparison to the new Macbook Pro.

  • J Steven Tasicas-Young

    I noticed an issue on day 2 when after trying to start up my new MBP from a full shutdown overnight, the battery was too low to startup. The battery drained to nearly nothing from a 100% charge even while it was shutdown.

  • firecop1

    Just got off the phone with Apple. This is a real problem that is affecting more than a few people. After spending 2 days troubleshooting, they are sending me a new 15 inch unit. Unfortunately, it will be about a month before another ships to me as I did a custom build. If you are having the problem, call support and get the process started. As always, Apple has been great in the way they handled this.

  • RyanTV

    I’m having similar issues. I was replying to emails and had a few browser tabs open Sunday morning and I got just over 3 hours on a full charge. It turned off on me and I was confused as I never would have thought it would have been dead.

    But I plugged it in and it turned back on and said 1% on the battery. It is really unacceptable for what I paid.

  • Mackenzie Fox

    I’ve been having this problem on my 15″. Just using safari for light web browsing/using mail I’m managing to get only about 7 hours. Not terrible, but far, far less than what apple is quoting. My brightness is not above 75% either.

  • sam

    My new MacBook Pro 13 with I7 processor is not powering up…. It was plugged into the power source, and in the middle of an email, powered down and has not been able to charge or turn on … Booked to see the Genius bar tomorrow! Thinking return the computer until news of this issue is resolved and purchase after Apple has resolved battery issues !?!?

  • John Carroll

    Same deal. I customized the maxed out version with a 500gb drive and the battery life is terrible. Sitting on the floor, doing nothing it dropped from 98% to 70% within 1 – 1.5 hours. This is not acceptable from any laptop, least of all one that cost $3400. I can’t return a customized model… will I have to wait months for Apple to recognize there’s a problem and then provide some kind of fix. To think, I waited so long for this new model. Apple, please sort this out ASAP.

    • OUsooner08

      You can return any product with issues as long as you’re in the return window, and if you got it after November 10th the return window goes till January 5th.

  • Jennifer Harrison

    I just returned my Macbook Pro touch bar 2016. I only utilize my mac for music and surfing. I ran multiple tests and only got 3.5 hours. Apple will need to fix this before I invest.

  • Chandler T Wilson

    In the same situation with the 15. Getting less than 3 hours with to 31% runing SAAS via chrome. Far off from the 10 told and 8 expected.

  • Chandler T Wilson

    In the same situation with the 15 with upgraded 2.9 ghz processor. Getting less than 4 hours with running SaaS programs via chrome. Far off from the 10 told and 6-8 hours expected. Not to mention 31% with 39 minutes left is less than 1. 9 hours from a full charge if going by Apple’s calculations. For a 3k machine this is not matching up. If it wasn’t for the battery and low-res camera it would be great.

  • Yarek

    My brand new MacBook Pro 13″ (1TB) w/o Touch Bar, no files loaded, just working with email achieves max. 5hrs battery life. 2 days in row same result. For comparison my 2012 MBA13 dealing for way more workload still achieves 9-9.5hrs

  • OUsooner08

    I’m seeing 10% per hour battery drain while asleep! Left my MBP on but closed the lid and when I got back from running errands the battery life had dropped 30%.

  • hgeldenhuys

    I feel the 10 hour thing is fraudulent from Apple’s point of view. Light use yields at most 3.5 hours

  • TheBattman

    I”m actually suspicious that the supposed battery issues are not actually hardware-related. I’ve had battery problems with my 2011 MacBook Pro 15″ (OEM battery that is less than 1 year old) that began with the second beta of macOS Sierra – and was never solved through the subsequent betas or the actual release version. My fan runs a LOT, and the bottom of the machine stays pretty hot (and gets WAY too hot for my lap).

    Under typical use (Pages, for example), I was previously getting 6+ hours without trouble. Immediately following macOS Sierra installation – I am lucky to get 1.5-2 hours unplugged.

    There were a TON of similar reports all over message boards – and still are – regarding this, all of which WAY pre-date the current issues reported by new MBP owners.

  • NM

    New MBP 15 with touch Bar works only 2,5 hours, without video and music. It is in the Service center now, 10 days already, and no decision. It is clear from discussions that Apple have to take back all new MBP computers

  • Mark Batch

    I didn’t buy the new MacBook

  • Avin

    My mbp 13 without touch bar lasts only 4 hours while slideshow..I am thinking to return..

  • Miriam Richardson

    There are few background things that might impact battery life at the start. Spotlight will be flat out, when it can, indexing. The Photos App is busy trying to apply facial recognition across the entire library. I wonder how the cloud syncing thing works when you shift to a new laptop — it might be working in the background. I wonder what else i haven’t stumbled across is active in the background potentially using power. Anyone have a definitive list?