Apple should have made these black AirPods


Jet Black AirPods would have been amazing.
Jet Black AirPods would have been amazing.
Photo: Martin Hajek

The new AirPods Apple debuted last week are a classic throwback to the blinding white design that made iPods all the rage. But if the new earbuds are truly as futuristic as Tim Cook claims, they should have used the new jet black color from the iPhone 7.

Mockup artist Martin Hajek proves the AirPods would look absolutely amazing in all-black in his newest renders.

Seriously Apple, why didn’t you do this?


Even though the AirPods don’t come in jet black, they’re scoring stellar reviews from early testers. Hopefully, Apple will give us some new color options next year. Until, you’ll have to settle with headphones that totally clash with your black iPhone 7.

Source: Martin Hajek