iOS 10 review: It’s the little things that matter


There's a lot to love in iOS 10.
There's a lot to love in iOS 10.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac
  • Waleed

    really worth it. The best iOS ever. gonna be more awesome with its jailbreak lol

    • BusterH

      Are people still jailbreaking these days? What are the benefits?

  • Adrian

    Nice overview–thanks for the write-up.

  • vik sara

    I am using since June and it DOES make my life lit easier now

    You have done a great review …..

    • BusterH

      thanks vik!

  • Valdo

    Why it is not possible to remove the Message app from iPad?

  • JHellow

    And yet iOS 10 eliminates one of 9s best Mail features, Trash All. This makes it really tough for those of us with multiple devices on pop3 accounts to manage our Mail. Imagine now having to manually select 300 mail messages on two devices to delete daily!

    • Deplorable Lance Corvette

      I gave up on iphone email years ago and I’ve never been happier, for just that reason.

    • F PP

      You can still trash all emails at once… it’s just more convoluted.

      Go to your inbox, Tap Edit, then Mark All, and then Mark All as Read. This will then close the Edit mode.

      Tap Edit again, and tap the top message in the inbox. Press and hold the Move button with your thumb.

      While holding the Move button, uncheck the top message, and then release the Move button.

      If you have a large number of emails in the inbox, wait a couple of seconds without touching your screen.

      • JHellow

        Really helpful, thanks so much. But Trash All was so much easier. Wonder why they eliminated it mid-beta?

  • GreenGirl

    Personally, I think it’s awful. A virtually pointless ‘upgrade’ that features additional clutter, extra swipes / touches to do the same thing – therefore more complicated.

    It focuses too much on the frivolity and puerility of modern ‘social’ culture, and yet really adds no new powerful functionality.

    Wow, i pick up the phone and it shows me stuff without touching a button. Whoopedy-do.

    This is the culmination of everything that iOS 7’s redesign got completely wrong. And as trite as some might think this comment is, but Steve Jobs and the poor guy they fired over Maps, would never have made iOS 7 and iOS 10 as crap as it is.

    • thetrueblindman

      Steve’s gone, time to let him go

      • RES100

        Yea, you aren’t kidding. If I hear one more, “If Steve was here comment” it’ll be too soon smh

      • Chuck Bombs

        if steve was here, you would’t have heard any “if steve was here” comments at all.

      • RES100
      • Kr00

        Check and mate

    • DrMuggg

      How wonderful that you don’t sound the least bitter, that would have been tough.

      • GreenGirl

        Oh I forget, according to people like you, everyone has to agree with each other as long as it’s positive. Meh. Grow up.

        Apple aren’t trying anymore. Unlocking your iPad / phone is a chore now. The much needed ‘clear all’ only works on iPhones with Touch ID I guess not even considering using a long hold to do the same on iPad was too much for them?

        These stupid lazy mistake don’t even occur to people like you do they? You’re more interested in ‘shiney shiney’ and taking potshots at people with different opinions.

        Grow up little boy.

      • DrMuggg

        You act like an idiot.