Alligator leather makes Hadoro AirPods more luxurious and expensive


These are just some of the color options for Hadoro AirPods.
These are just some of the color options for Hadoro AirPods.
Photo: Hadoro

Apple’s AirPods are more than wireless headphones; they’re fashion accessories. Hadoro AirPods take that to the next level by using alligator leather to make something any starlet or internet billionaire could be proud to be seen carrying.

The French company produces these cases in seven different colors. A black version includes a pair of matching black AirPods. 

New iPhone SE 2 renders reveal gorgeous glass back


iPhone SE 2 with glass back
iPhone SE 2 looks good in these renders, but they may not be accurate.
Photo: Olixar

New renders of the upcoming iPhone SE 2, which depict its gorgeous glass back, have been revealed by a popular case-maker.

Olixar is already producing accessories for the device based on information it has gleaned from sources in China. Its new screen protector indicates the iPhone SE 2 will be a big surprise, with an edge-to-edge display just like iPhone X.

MacBook butterfly keyboard problems spawn recall petition [Update]


MacBook butterfly keyboard
A new petition calls for Apple to recall the MacBook butterfly keyboard, which can fail when a speck of dust gets in the wrong place.
Photo: Apple

The butterfly keyboard in recent MacBooks draws frequent complaints. And these have now escalated to the point where an online petition is requesting that Apple recall every MacBook Pro released since 2016.

These laptops are super-slim, and so are their keyboards. Reducing the thickness left room for very little key travel, resulting in accusations that even a small speck of dust underneath one of the keys can cause it to stop functioning.

Epic offers free Fortnite loot to apologize for downtime


Fortnite iPhone X
All week three challenges explained!
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Epic has promised to give Fortnite players free loot to apologize for recent downtime that left fans unable to play the game for around 24 hours.

Battle Royale players — including those on iOS — will be able to obtain a back bling gift from the store this weekend, while the game’s next big update will bring free Battle Stars. Save the World players can look forward to some goodies, too.

Why Apple Watch apps are dying off in droves


People would rather look at Instagram on a Mac than an Apple Watch.
Photo: Just Mobile

Apple Watch sells very well, but apparently not strongly enough for some companies. A deadline requiring developers to base their apps on newer versions of watchOS just passed, and some businesses choose to pull their software rather than update it.

Instagram garnered the most attention, but there are surely other examples. 

How Facebook data scandal could boost Apple


Facebook dev
Facebook is one of many tech giants that builds is business on user data.
Photo: Facebook

Thanks to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, a backlash is brewing against the way tech giants like Facebook monetize data. This could result in government regulation, which has the potential to upend the business models of some of the world’s biggest companies.

Luckily, Apple is practically immune. Here’s why 2018’s biggest tech scandal could actually help the world’s biggest tech company.

Fortnite beginner’s guide: How to dominate the year’s hottest game


Fortnite iPhone X
All week three challenges explained!
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

You’re missing out on one of the greatest games to ever grace iOS if you’re not playing Fortnite. It’s that good. And now you can dive in knowing all you need to know about getting started with battle royale.

Our beginner’s guide will teach you how to win games without Fortnite experience. You’ll learn which weapons are best for new starters, where to land if you want to stay alive longer, how to loot effectively, and more.

Get stuck in and start racking up those wins!