This app rewards you with discounts for not looking at your iPhone


iPhone Hold
Hold gives discounts on products if you put down your iPhone.
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New AirPods will bring water-resistant design, ‘Hey Siri’ support


New AirPods are coming with big new features.
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Apple is working on upgraded AirPods with a new wireless chip and “Hey Siri” support, according to a new report.

The refresh will arrive “as early as this year,” according to sources familiar with the matter. A future refresh, pegged for early 2019, will also bring a water-resistant design.

This hidden Apple Watch feature tells you if your workouts are doing any good


It’s not about how far you run, it’s how fast you recover. Apple Watch heart rate recovery data gives you the facts.
It’s not about how far you run, it's about how fast you recover.
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It’s all very well to know how far you ran, cycled and swam. But the whole point of exercise is not just to clock the miles. It’s supposed to make you more fit. So, how do you know if all those sweaty miles are actually doing any good? One way is by measuring your heart rate recovery time.

Fortunately, watchOS 4 provides a reliable way to see this data, and thus monitor changes in your fitness level. Here’s how you can use Apple Watch to keep your workout goals on track.

Apple investigates iPhone X’s incoming call bug


iPhone buggy software
The bugs keep on coming.
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Apple is investigating another iPhone X bug that’s causing users to miss incoming calls.

Some report that their device refuses to wake when a call is received, leaving them unable to answer it. It appears the problem surfaced in December but Apple has only just acknowledged the complaints.

iOS 11.3 beta reveals unannounced ‘Modern iPad’


bezel free
Prepare for an all-new iPad Pro.
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Apple left a big clue in iOS 11.3 that it is working on a brand new iPad for release later this year.

After Apple released the first beta of iOS 11.3 earlier this week, developers dug through the new software. They found references to a mysterious “Modern iPad” that packs Face ID.

Trump thanks Tim Cook for Apple’s $350 billion bonanza


Trump's tax changes have been great for Apple.
Photo: Bloomberg

Tim Cook finally earned some praise from long-time foe Donald Trump today, thanks to Apple’s plan to contribute $350 billion to the U.S. economy over the next five years.

Trump went so far as to call Tim Cook “a great guy” during a speech at a factory in Pennsylvania today while talking about Apple’s investment into the U.S.