Consumer Reports picks Galaxy S8 over iPhone 7, everything else


Galaxy S8 in hand
Galaxy S8 is the smartphone to buy, says Consumer Reports.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have been rated the best smartphones available by Consumer Reports.

Both devices outranked their rivals — including the iPhone 7 — in design, battery life, and camera performance. However, they aren’t considered perfect, with testers noting that they are difficult to operate with one hand, and their fingerprint scanners are awkwardly-placed.

How to scan QR codes with iOS 11’s Camera app


QR codes
Are QR codes finally going mainstream?
Photo: Thomas Leuthard/Flickr

QR codes are set to take off in a big way, thanks to a new feature included in iOS 11 that makes scanning the quirky-looking blocks easier than ever before.

Apple didn’t announce the feature during its WWDC 2017 keynote, but the new QR-scanning capability is among the many minor iOS 11 features that may prove to be a big deal. Even though QR codes have been around for nearly two decades, they haven’t been super-useful to regular consumers.

That’s about to change.

Today in Apple history: Newspaper replaces photo staff with iPhones


More than a trillion photos were captured in 2015.
The Chicago Sun-Times got rid of its entire lineup of staff photographers.
Photo: HypeBeast

May 31May 31, 2013: The Chicago Sun-Times fires its entire 28-person photo staff, with the goal of training its staff to shoot photos using iPhones instead. Pulitzer Prize winner John White is among those who lose their jobs.

The move is significant not just because of what it says about the declining newspaper industry, but — to Apple fans — what it says about the iPhone’s growing acceptance as a professional quality camera.

Apple launches new ‘Switch to iPhone’ ads and website


Android users can jump to iOS with ease.
Android users can jump to iOS with ease.
Photo: Apple

Apple is turning up the heat on Android with a fresh redesign of its website that teaches smartphone customers how to transition to iPhone.

The new site makes it super-easy for Android users to make the change to iOS by promoting one of Apple’s only Android apps: Move to iOS.

Trade-up to the iPhone 7 and capture all of your trips this summer in perfect clarity


iPhone 7 vs iPhone 7 Plus cameras
The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus helped Apple reverse a three-quarter sales decline.
Photo: Apple

Summer is finally upon us and staying up to date with the latest devices is essential for vacation season.  With long awaited trips rapidly approaching, having a great camera to document all your adventures is paramount. Do yourself a favor this summer, sell your old device, and upgrade to a new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus just in time for that beach trip!

How iPhone 7 compares to a pro movie camera


Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 14.00.41
No, it's not a fair face off. But it's pretty intriguing.
Photo: Potato Jet

Apple loves to talk about the quality of its current-generation iPhone camera, but how does it stack up against a professional movie camera?

In a new video, L.A.-based filmmaker and YouTuber Potato Jet, shoots footage with both the iPhone 7 and the $82,100 Arri Alexa camera, the same camera favored by the likes of Steven Spielberg.

It’s a totally unfair contest, but a pretty intriguing video nonetheless. Check it out below.

Apple wants to show you how to take better photos on your iPhone


Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 11.42.07
Apple is rightly proud of its iPhone 7 camera.
Photo: Apple

Apple is rightly proud of its great iPhone 7 camera, and in a new series of instructional videos debuting online it wants to make sure that users take full advantage.

The video series, posted on both Apple’s YouTube channel and a new webpage, follows on from the company’s acclaimed “Shot on iPhone” ad campaign, which highlights photos taken by everyday iPhone users. The new videos deal with topics like how best to shoot action or close-ups on your new iPhone.

Apple’s self-driving Lexus gets caught on camera


Apple Car
Apple's Lexus is decked out in sensors.
Photo: Bloomberg

Apple’s self-driving cars have been spotted in the wild for the first time, giving fans an early peek at the tech that could change roads forever.

The California DMV issued a permit to Apple earlier this month allowing it to test its self-driving cars on public roads. Apple is only registered to drive three Lexus cars around Silicon Valley, but the company is wasting no time in its efforts to catch up to the competition.

Touch ID moves to the back in new iPhone 8 renderings


iPhone 8 rear shell mockup.
iPhone 8 rear shell mockup.
Photo: Weibo

Apple may make the surprising move of relocating the Touch ID button to the back of the iPhone this year, but based on renderings of a leaked schematic, it wouldn’t look that bad.

Several renders, based on the supposed iPhone 8 schematic that hit the internet this week, show what the device’s rear shell might look like during production. It’s not a photo of the real iPhone shell, but for now this is as close to the real deal as we’re going to get.

Here’s another angle:

Everything we think we know about the iPhone 8


iPhone 8 concept
Same size as the iPhone 7, but with a bigger screen.
Photo: Martin Hajek

Thanks to a bevy of leaks that flooded the internet this week, we know more about the iPhone 8 than ever before. Even if only half the rumors turn out to be true, this year’s iPhone is set to be the most innovative device Apple has made in years.

Here’s what we know so far.