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There are plenty of good reasons why you’d want to learn to take and edit beautiful photos. Whether you’re starting a side hustle in photography, want to capture your memories or grow your brand on social with high-quality content, it helps to have composition and editing skills.

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If digital makes the world go round, then content is definitely king. With 2.6 billion people on Facebook, 1 billion Instagram users as of January 2020 and 800 million people staring at TikTok, there’s no end to the demand for quality content.

Whether you’re building your own brand using social media or developing professional assets for your company, it’s not enough to know the best social media strategies to grow your following. You need to create and deliver beautiful content. Learn how to give your products and services the exposure they need with this Mobile Photography Course by Phil Ebiner — and do it all using just your iPhone.

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Celebrity photographer Michael Muller leads Photo School.
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Whether you’re document your adventures or need eye-catching images to grow your brand or social media presence, learning take great pictures is a fundamental skill for the digital age.

This Photo School: Learn Photography & Photoshop from Hollywood’s Masters bundle includes 13 courses taught by some of the most well-regarded and influential photographers in Hollywood. Snag this deal and learn from the best!

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Kick off 2021 learning an impactful fun skill
Take your photo skills to the next level with these expert courses.
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A lot of us promised ourselves that we would pick up a new skill before the end of the year, but 2020 is just about over, and you might feel like your time has been wasted. Luckily, the calendar doesn’t determine when it’s time to learn something — you do.

There are plenty of resources on the internet that will help you learn new skills, whether it’s how to build apps or taking gorgeous photos.

Today in Apple history: Newspaper replaces photo staff with iPhones


More than a trillion photos were captured in 2015.
The Chicago Sun-Times pulls the plug on staff photographers.
Photo: HypeBeast

May 31: Today in Apple history: Chicago Sun-Times replaces photo staff with iPhones May 31, 2013: The Chicago Sun-Times fires all 28 of its photographers, with the goal of training its staff to shoot photos using iPhones instead. Pulitzer Prize winner John White is among those who lose their jobs.

The move is significant not just because of what it says about the declining newspaper industry. It also spotlights the iPhone’s growing acceptance as a professional camera.

Alluring FaceTime photo shoots won’t stop when quarantine lifts


Nick Fancher's FaceTime portraits
Nick Fancher's portraits are "remotraits."
Photo: Nick Fancher

Photographer Nick Fancher has been photographing models in his studio at a time when COVID-19 social distancing rules have forced his contemporaries to cancel portrait sessions.

But the only chances the Columbus, Ohio-based Fancher takes are creative ones. In the very spot where models normally stand for him, Fancher is projecting live images of sitters following his directions via FaceTime.

He calls these the “Remotrait” sessions.

Quarantined photographer executes fantastic FaceTime fashion shoot


Alessio Albi FaceTime model shoot
Alessio Albi makes screenshot magic on FaceTime.
Screenshot: Alessio Albi/Instagram

Quarantined photographers across the internet have used the lockdown to come up with personal projects they could shoot within the same confines of their home.

Condé Nast shooter Alessio Albi has one of the more interesting bodies of work to emerge from staying at home. He is using FaceTime for remote fashion shoots.

Moment’s Pro Camera app adds killer time-lapse tools for iPhone


Pro Camera puts the iPhone's built-in camera app to shame.
Photo: Moment

Shooting DSLR-quality time-lapses on your iPhone just got a lot easier thanks to a huge update to the fantastic Pro Camera app made by smartphone lens attachment company Moment.

Pro Camera 4.0’s bevy of new features gives you more detailed control for shooting video time-lapses than pretty much any other camera app we’ve seen. All you need is a tripod for your iPhone (or something to prop it up on) while the app does the heavy lifting. Photogs can now pick the intervals, number of shots, type of blur and length, unlocking a ton of creative possibilities.

Souped-up selfie stick wants you to look good


selfie stick with light
This little light shines.
Photo: Pictar

Tel Aviv-based Pictar wants to shine a light on your obsession for the perfect selfie.

Its new Smart-Light Selfie Stick comes with a detachable light plus a control panel in the handle to control camera functions and adjust the tilt of your iPhone.