Download Instagram photos with this Siri shortcut


Download Instagram
You can download any Instagram photo -- even this one.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

If you like a photo or video on Instagram, you can like it, or you can save it to your collection. But what about just saving it? You just can’t download Instagram photos.

This week, a friend of mine posted some awesome videos he shot on tape back in the 1980s. I don’t want to dig around in Instagram’s ever-more-convoluted app just to watch them. I want to save them to my iPhone’s Photo Library. Instagram doesn’t let you save an image. Even if you copy the Instagram link using the share feature, then open that image in iPhone Safari, you can’t get at the image.

So I made a shortcut to do it for me. Check it out.

Adobe shows off ‘real’ Photoshop on iPad


Photoshop on iPad
Full Photoshop will be available for iPad in 2019.
Screenshot: Adobe/YouTube

Adobe is bringing Photoshop CC to iPad in 2019 and in its announcement this morning, it placed emphasis on one word: real as in real Photoshop.

Photoshop on iPad will have all the might of the desktop version but with the pencil and touch workflow of the tablet. The work will automatically and seamlessly sync to the desktop.

Use Shortcuts to share a beautiful grid of your photos


Shortcuts created this photo grid with just a few taps.
Shortcuts created this grid with just a few taps.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Today we’re going to make a Siri Shortcut that takes a bunch of photos you took — today, or any day — and combines them into a great-looking photo grid. It then shares that grid with friends. All you have to do it tap a button or speak a Siri command.

This is a really great way to share photos of an event, a trip to a fancy restaurant, or just an overview of your day. It also shows how easy it is to build a powerful shortcut to perform a task that would take forever to do manually in Photoshop. Let’s check it out.

Instagram wants to tap out on infinite scrolling


Instagram wants to save your from over Gramming.
Photo: Pixabay

The days of scrolling through your entire Instagram feed may soon be coming to an end.

Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature that would allow users to move through posts by tapping on the screen. The feature works similar to the way you currently navigate through Stories and could make people spend even more time in the app.

How to shoot stunning black-and-white photos on iPhone


This wasn't taken on an iPhone, but it could have been.
This wasn't taken on an iPhone, but it could have been.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Black-and-white photos aren’t just regular photos with the color taken out. Or rather, they are exactly that, but they are also more than that. A B&W portrait can seem to say more about the subject than a colorful version, for instance. B&W is also ideal for showing more graphic images. Take a color photo of scaffolding and it looks super-dull. Take the same photo in B&W, jack up the contrast, and it becomes a stark grid — way more interesting to look at.

There’s much more to taking a B&W photo than just removing the color. For instance, did you know that a color filter will have a startling effect on a B&W photo? Let’s take a look at some of the tricks to capturing and editing stunning black-and-white images.

Google takes on Apple with Pixel 3, Pixel Slate and Home Hub


The new Made by Google products.
The new Made by Google products.
Photo: Google

Google unleashed its latest wave of hardware designed to take on Apple and Amazon by combining its powerful software with custom-designed hardware. And it actually looks pretty good.

Three new products were unveiled at Google’s event in New York City this morning: the Pixel 3, Pixel Slate and Google Home Hub. All three pack some interesting new features that some of Apple’s own products can’t match. But there are also glaring weaknesses in the new Google products. Like the horrifically huge notch on the Pixel 3 to start with.

Take a closer look at all the new products:

Hundreds of people are dying from selfies


iPhone X portrait lighting ad
Be careful where you selfie.
Photo: Apple

Think twice before you take your next selfie because it could be your last.

Selfie-related deaths are on the rise, according to a new study that found there were over 250 reported deaths from October 2011 to November 2017 that happened while the person was trying to snap a selfie.

Beautygate: Top camera developer debunks iPhone XS beauty filter


Some people get better looking with age and some get better looking with the iPhone XS.
Screenshot: Unboxing Therapy/YouTube

Turns out the entire “Beautygate” controversy has been much ado about nothing.

Corners of the internet have been up in arms over a perceived flaw in the iPhone XS camera that makes people in selfies look better than they should. Apple is supposedly looking to “fix” the undisclosed beauty filter, but developers behind one of the best iOS camera apps revealed today that such a filter does not exist.

Crazy Rich Asians director shoots poor short film on iPhone XS Max


One of the best B-Boys in the Hollywood busts out his moves for iPhone XS Max.
Photo: Jon M. Chu

Need more proof that the iPhone XS and XS Max are the most amazing cameras Apple’s ever made?

John M. Chu, director of the breakout hit movie Crazy Rich Asians was enlisted to shoot a new short film shot entirely on the iPhone XS Max. This is not the first time an A-list director has only used the iPhone to make a movie, but what stands out about Chu’s short is he used zero equipment. No lenses. No lights. No stabilizers. Just the iPhone in his hand.

Watch the full short film right here: