iOS 10’s ‘Raise to Wake’ only works on new iPhones


iOS 10
Not everyone is getting Raise to Wake.
Photo: Apple

One of the best new features of iOS 10 won’t be available for all devices that are compatible with Apple’s jam-packed mobile update.

Raise to Wake is such a simple and transformative new feature in iOS 10 that it feels like iPhones should have had it for years. Turning on the lock screen by just picking up your iPhone makes getting to notifications and apps quicker, but unless you have an iPad or iPhone released in the last year, you won’t get to enjoy it.

iOS 10 will only add the Raise to Wake feature to iOS devices with an M9 processor. The iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone SE are the only three devices that support the feature in the first beta build of iOS 10.

Even though both new iPad Pro sizes have an M9 processor, it appears that Apple is not bringing the feature to the tablet lineup yet. Raise to Wake is especially useful on devices with the second-generation Touch ID sensor that unlocks the device almost instantly, so you never even see your notifications.

Apple plans to release iOS 10 to the public this fall, bringing new whiz-bang features like a new Home app, redesigned lock screen, iMessage apps and effects, Rich Notifications and tons of smaller changes that overhaul the iPhone experience.

via: AppleInsider

  • snworf

    It’s working on my iPhone 6S+ and I can see how some people will appreciate it, but my screen comes on quite a bit now when the device is in my pocket, in a bag, or just walking and holding it. All that screen activity is bound to have an effect on battery life.

    In the current beta, it’s just an always-present ‘feature’, hopefully future versions and the final release will have a setting to turn ‘lift-to-activate’ off.

  • josephz2va

    And later, surprise. More new features on iPhone 7.

  • Serenak

    It’s Dev beta 1 Buster. I’m pretty sure later builds might add older hardware and I’m still worried that like snword it could lead to unwanted turn ons in the pocket burning battery – it’s not a watch we don’t all keep it flat on the desk all day – I know you don’t!

  • 5723alex .

    “Turning on the lock screen by just picking up your iPhone makes getting to notifications and apps quicker”… And letting anyone pick it up and read all your embarrassing, private…notifications…

    • Megolon

      Something people already can do know with a press of a button. So what´s your point.

      • 5723alex .

        What button ?

      • Megolon

        Two buttons actually. The home and power button.

      • 5723alex .

        NO. Both will enter to home screen and not to notification screen.

      • Megolon

        If you have a notification and press power or home button you will see the notification. EXACTLY as with “Raise to wake”

    • Boo Radley

      Unless you turn off preview. Which I have done, so this feature is basically useless unless I’m just checking the time.

  • Undivided

    We already have all iphones that turn the screen off when raised to your ear in a call. Why couldnt this be expanded for rasie to wake on older phonnes?

    • Megolon

      That´s the proximity censor.

  • digitaldumdum

    “iOS 10’s ‘Raise to Wake’ only works on new iPhones”

    Not really. I’ve had this feature for years on my iPhones… jailbroken, of course. :)

    • matt

      They limited to the m9 because of the lower power consumption. They don’t want more people like you complaining even more about battery life so they limited it to the more power efficient chipsets.

      • matt

        I was also thinking maybe you need a barometer to do raise to wake ( or apple’s star climber feature ??? ) but I am confused about the SE having it when SE doesnt have barometer.

      • digitaldumdum

        Not quite sure who you’re taking to, matt, but I’ve never •ever• complained about my battery life. I’ve had every iPhone model since the first one, and my complaints about every iOS version and hardware iteration have been very few and far between. Perhaps it’s because I’m lucky, or not as unrealistically demanding as some… or just smart about how I use my smartphones. But thanks for your observation… I think.

  • Paul

    As someone else said, raise to wake works when ever your phone is picked up, stupid idea as the screen will come on even when you pick your phone up to go out the door or pick up anywhere to go. I have double tap to wake on my android for years and this would have to have a turn of switch as it would drive me nuts, how stupid apple.

    • matt

      People were complaining, me included that the iPhone is so much faster then android , you can’t even read the notifications . Imagine how much more stuff your android phone would be able to do, if you were able to even get software updates in the last 2 years.

  • Arnie

    How rude?! Even the iPhone 5s has a motion suppressor! Surely it can support raise to wake.