Everyone is sleeping on Amazon Music Unlimited


Amazon Music
Amazon Music Unlimited is bigger than you think.
Photo: Amazon

Spotify and Apple Music are facing increasingly tougher competition from Amazon when it comes to adding new paid subscribers to their services.

Amazon Music Unlimited was the fastest-growing music service over the last year according to new data that shows its subscriber base grew by 70%, even though it launched a year after Apple Music.

Apple Music offers 6-month free trial to students


Apple Music gift card
You won’t believe how cheap Apple Music is for students.
Photo: Apple

Apple is trying to woo new students gearing up for the school year with a new offer that gives them six free months of service before they have to pay a dime.

The offer popped up on Apple’s educational site just after the company revealed its back-to-school promotion of free Beats headphones with qualifying purchases.

How to create smart playlists in Apple Music on iOS (finally)


Cassette tapes
Let's do this.
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It’s impossible to create smart Apple Music playlists directly on the iPhone. Or rather, it was impossible. Previously, you had to fire up iTunes on your Mac or PC, create a smart playlist there, and then let it sync to your iPhone over iCloud.

Even in iOS 13, this is still the case. But now there’s another way. A new iOS app called Miximum can create smart playlists, and even sync them to the regular Apple Music app. It is, as they say, a game-changer.

CarPlay is better than ever in iOS 13 — here’s what’s new


CarPlay’s brand new dashboard in iOS 13.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

iOS 13 doesn’t just mean big improvements for your iPhone. Apple is making some pretty significant enhancements to CarPlay, too, including a brand-new dashboard and better apps.

Some of these great new CarPlay features are long overdue. Here’s everything you can expect from Apple’s in-car platform in iOS 13.

You can now enjoy Spotify Stations on the road with CarPlay


CaPlay 1
Spotify Stations is like your own personal radio station.
Image: Spotify

Spotify has updated its Spotify Stations app with support for CarPlay. The app is intended to provide a radio station-like experience, which customizes itself to your tastes.

With its latest update, you no longer need to use your iPhone to access the app. If you’re a CarPlay user, you can do it right from your dash.

Bootleg tracks for rapper Playboi Carti pop up on Apple Music


Playboi_Carti 1
Rapper Playboi Carti's debut album, Die Lit, launched last year.
Photo: The Come Up Show/Wikipedia CC

Apple Music is a great place for listening to official albums. It also turns out that it’s not a bad place to find unauthorized leaked tracks.

According to a new report, a series of leaked tracks belonging to the rapper Playboi Carti have turned up on the streaming music service. They were allegedly uploaded by a person unconnected with the artist.


Spotify Premium update October 2018
Anyone paying for a Spotify subscription probably isn’t also sending money to Apple.
Photo: Spotify

iTunes isn’t dead. It’s alive and better than ever [Opinion]


Apple Music in macOS Catalina
iTunes is being replaced with Apple Music and several other apps.
Photo: Apple

Headlines this week trumpeted the death of iTunes. While these stories made good clickbait, they understandably caused concern for those who used this application to build up extensive music and video libraries. You may be one of the people left wondering what’s going to happen to decades of purchases.

Relax, your music and video collection isn’t going anywhere. It’s actually getting easier to access.