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Apple's streaming service may have an ace up its sleeve.

This week on The CultCast: Apple’s “it’s show time” event is just around the corner, and this is the first event ever that focuses purely on services. Is Apple’s streaming TV service going to suck? Don’t miss our “show time” keynote predications. Plus: Leander unveils the details on his new Tim Cook book, out April 16th!

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Spotify’s whining could spark antitrust probe of Apple


Spotify vs. Apple
The war between Spotify and Apple Music is heating up.
Photo: Spotify

Is Apple using its control of the App Store to squeeze out rivals? That’s the question European competition regulators are looking into.

This news comes after Spotify complained that it is nti-competitive that this company is  required to give Apple a big share of subscription fees paid through the App Store.

Stream Apple Music on Amazon Fire TV starting today


Your Amazon Fire TV can stream Apple Music.
Your Amazon Fire TV can stream Apple Music, not just Game of Thrones.
Photo: Amazon

In what would have been radical change a few years ago, your Amazon Fire TV can now stream songs from the Apple Music service.

This is the latest move from the iPhone maker to allow users to access its services on hardware made by rival companies.

Apple Music recruits iconic artists to design its playlist covers


Some of the new artwork you'll see.
Photo: Apple Music

Apple has quietly hired some of the most iconic album cover artists in the industry to give Apple Music its own artwork.

The undertaking is part of Apple’s effort to give playlists a uniform presentation that speaks to the music. Artists who previously worked on designs for bands like AC/DC, Migos, Boston, Ted Nugent and Blue Öyster Cult have already created hundreds of new playlist artworks, with many more on the way.

Apple Music sides with artists in battle for higher royalty payouts


Apple Music
Apple decided not to fight the ruling to pay songwriters more.
Photo: Apple

Every major music streaming service is joining together to appeal a controversial ruling that increases payouts to songwriters. Everyone except Apple Music that is.

Spotify, Google, Pandora and Amazon have teamed up to fight the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board’s decision to increase payouts to songwriters by 44%. Apple is the only major streamer not planning to fight the ruling, causing some artists to heap praise on the iPhone-maker for its stance.

How to stop CarPlay’s autoplaying madness


Sell your car and walk, or take public transit or a taxi.
Sell your car and walk, or take public transit or a taxi.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

You know how when you get into your car, your iPhone starts autoplaying a song after you connect it to your CarPlay-enabled stereo? Who thought that was a good idea? Maybe if you could set it to autoplay the latest episode of your favorite podcast it would be a good feature. But the same song, every time?

The only good thing to take away from this is that Apple’s programmers have decided to stop destroying the planet, and no longer use cars. How else could you explain why this hasn’t been fixed?

Fortunately, you can stop the madness — and it’ll only cost you 99 cents.

Apple Music coming to Google Home devices [Updated]


Save $30 on the Google Home smart speaker.
Coming soon to a Google speaker near you.
Photo: Google

Updated: Google  says this was the result of a bug, and it has “nothing to announce regarding updates to Google Home.”


Apple Music is on its way to Google Home devices. In the Google Home app for iOS devices, Apple Music is listed as a listening option. However, as of now, it can’t be linked with a Google Home device.

Apple’s streaming music service previously arrived on Amazon Echo devices in December. Between them, Google and Amazon make up the overwhelming majority of smart speakers.