Apple promotes ‘incredible’ iPhone 6s units made in India


iPhone 6s made in India
The iPhone 6s is important to Apple in emerging markets.
Photo: Apple

The iPhone 6s is still alive and well in some markets — one of which is India, where the 2015 flagship is now being manufactured.

Apple is using this to sell the handset to locals. India has become an increasingly important market for the company as smartphone growth in other areas slows to a crawl.

SEC charges Apple’s failed sapphire supplier of misleading investors


GT Advanced
The back entrance GT Advanced's old sapphire plant in Mesa, Arizona.
Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

GT Advanced Technologies, the company that was supposed to make sapphire screens for the iPhone early this decade, has been charged with misleading investors by the SEC.

The SEC’s investigation found that GT and its CEO violated antifraud provisions of the federal securities laws as part of its deal to supply Apple with sapphire. After failing to meet certain performance requirements, GT caused “significant investor harm” by reclassifying over $300 million in debt to Apple. Sadly, the company’s punishment is pretty much just a slap on the wrist.

Apple wants tax incentives to boost iPhone assembly in India


iPhone assembled in India
One of the first iPhones "assembled in India."
Photo: Indian Express

Apple is hoping to secure new tax incentives in India that will allow it to increase local iPhone production and export more devices to be sold in other countries.

The company has teamed up with other large names in the Indian Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA) to propose a raise in export credits on smartphone shipments, as well as tariff cuts on imports of components and machinery.

The group argues that manufacturing growth cannot be sustained and accelerated without the changes.

Apple dangles extra $100 trade-in for iPhone XS/XR buyers


iPhone XR battery life is the best of any iPhone on the market.
The iPhone XR is now even more affordable.
Photo: Kristal Chan/Cult of Mac

Getting your hands on the newest iPhones just got a little bit cheaper.

Apple hasn’t knocked the price down on the iPhone XS or iPhone XR yet, but the company is offering a limited-time promotion that gives customers up to $100 extra when you trade in an old iPhone for a new one.

A second iPhone model is now being made in India


iphone 6
The iPhone 6s is making a comeback in India.
Photo: Apple

Apple supplier Wistron has started production of the iPhone 6s at its factory in Bengaluru, India.

This marks the second iPhone to be produced in India. Last year, Wistron began producing the iPhone SE in India. The iPhone 6s, which launched in 2015, is a logical choice as a follow-up due to the popularity of the handset in India, thanks to its cheaper price.

iOS 11.4 is killing battery life on some iPhones


iPhone X Notch
How's battery life on your iPhone with iOS 11.4?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple rolled out iOS 11.4 in late May, finally delivering AirPlay 2 and stereo support for HomePod. If you haven’t already updated, you might want to avoid it for now.

Some iPhone users are reporting battery life problems after installing Apple’s latest release. It seems the issue affects everything from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone X.