Pokémon GO loses precious battery saver mode on iPhone


Pokémon Go
Beware Pokémon GO's latest update.
Photo: The Pokémon Company

Steer clear of the latest Pokémon GO update for iPhone if you rely on the game’s “battery saver” mode. Developer Niantic has inexplicably removed the feature in its latest release for iOS, meaning your latest addiction now burns even more power than before.

Pokémon GO version 1.1.0 actually brought some nice new features and improvements to the game, including the ability to change your trainer avatar, adjusted battle damage calculation, refined gym animations, and a whole host of bug fixes.

But it’s not all good news. Although the release notes for iOS don’t mention it, the update also pulls the precious “battery saver” mode on iPhone, which many players used to extend the life of their devices during mammoth Pokémon GO sessions.

Battery saver mode automatically dimmed your device’s screen while you were walking with it held down by your side. This allowed you to walk around to hatch eggs or wait for Pokémon to appear without leaving your display at full brightness.

Pokemon GO battery saver
Before (left) and after the update.
Screenshot: Business Insider

It’s unclear why Niantic removed the feature, but some players say enabling it could cause the app to crash. It’s possible, then, that the feature has simply been pulled until this problem is fixed, and it could return again in a future update.

Battery saver mode is still present in the Android version of the game following the latest update, so it certainly doesn’t look like Niantic has plans to scrap it entirely. In the meantime, you might want to avoid this release if you can do without the other changes for now.