Apple’s Bastille Day tribute is a neat twist on its ‘Shot on iPhone’ ads


Bastille Day
Apple made the French flag out of different photographs.
Photo: Apple

To celebrate Bastille Day, the start of 1789’s French Revolution, Apple has changed the homepage of its Apple France website to show a picture of the French Tricolor flag.

The twist? In a neat touch, Apple has tied the tribute into its acclaimed “Shot on iPhone” campaign by making the flag out of a variety of blue, white and red-filtered photographs taken by French iPhone owners.

The ad campaign has been a success around the world, but was particularly well-received at last year’s Cannes Outdoor Lions competition, with jury president Juan Carlos Ortiz describing it as “not just a great idea, [but] a game-changer.” It is likely that Apple will revisit it this year, too, since the iPhone 7 is heavily rumored to feature a major camera upgrade.

Apple changes it homepage for the day on a semi-regular basis to commemorate particularly notable occurrences — such as the death of Mohammad Ali or to mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

In all, I think this is another innovative example of Apple thinking globally, but acting locally — meaning that it can take its worldwide campaigns, but modify them for different markets. We’ve seen something similar with Apple’s recruitment of local artists for some of its Chinese Apple Store openings, and this move continues that tradition.

You can check out the full Bastille Day photomontage below.

Source: Apple