iTunes 12.4 brings design tweaks to Apple’s most hated app


iTunes finally got some design changes.
Photo: Apple

Using iTunes just got slightly less crappy.

Apple has pushed out iTunes 12.4 to the public bringing some minor design tweaks that makes Apple’s most contorted and bloated app ever a little bit easier to navigate.

Oh, and it might not destroy your music library anymore either.

iTunes 12.4 could include the promised fixes for an issue that caused some users’ music to get deleted. Apple has said that it wasn’t able to recreate the mysterious bug that Snopes declared mostly false, but the company said it would add extra safeguards to prevent your tunes from disappearing.

As for the design changes, Apple has reintroduced the sidebar which can be edited to show your favorite views. It’s much easier now to drag and drop songs over into a playlist. There’s a new media picker that makes it faster to switch between music, movies, TV shows and podcasts. The Menus have been simplified and are now customizable as well.

It’s not the complete overhaul iTunes needs, but it’s a step in the right direction.

You can grab iTunes 12.4 from the Mac App Store software update section, or download it directly from the iTunes page on Apple’s website.