Apple confirms iCloud Mail and Notes are down for some users


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Is iCloud down for you this morning?
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple’s service status page confirms an issue with iCloud Mail and Notes that is rendering the services unavailable for some users. The outage has been ongoing for two hours now, and there’s currently no word on when we should expect it to be fixed.

iCloud used to be notoriously unreliable, and users had to deal with outages just like this one on a frequent basis. But as Apple’s user base has grown in recent years, the company has invested more resources into making services more stable.

But they still go down from time to time. According to Apple’s status page, the latest outage affecting iCloud Mail and Notes is currently being experienced by less than 1 percent of users, but plenty are complaining about it on social media.

Apple doesn’t tell us what’s causing the problem, or when it will be fixed. But the fact that it is acknowledged by its service status page confirms the company is aware of it, and likely hard at work on a resolution.

Is iCloud down for you this morning?