Gold iPhone SE is China’s ‘must have’ item


The gold iPhone SE is a big seller in China.
Photo: Apple

The iPhone SE may not be Apple’s biggest hit in the U.S., but it’s selling like gangbusters in China!

Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian White recently visited Apple’s flagship retail store in Shenzhen, where he noted that fresh shipments of the iPhone SE (particularly in the gold color option) arrive each morning, and sell out within just one hour of going on sale.

This report of “strong demand” for Apple’s diminutive 4-inch handset backs up a previous report claiming that pre-orders for the iPhone SE were topping 3.4 million in China days before the mobile device actually went on sale.

The iPhone SE’s Chinese success shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. A recent report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners predicted that, while Apple is likely to sell just 4-6 million units of the SE in the United States, it would prove far more popular in other overseas markets.

Tim Cook has, in the past, acknowledged that Apple designs many of its new products with the Chinese audience in mind. The popularity of the gold color, similarly, shouldn’t shock anyone with knowledge of Chinese fashions. When the gold Apple Watch Edition was made available for pre-order in China this time last year it sold out within the first hour.

After the gold color option, the rose gold version of the iPhone SE is reportedly the second most popular color.

Source: Barrons