Apple Watch Edition sells out in less than hour in China


Apple's going to need a lot more gold. Photo: Apple


The gold Apple Watch Edition is expected to be big in China, but if the first hour of pre-orders are any indication, Tim Cook’s going to need to order up a lot more gold.

Within the first hour of pre-orders going online the Apple Watch Edition has already sold out in China.

Shipping times for the Apple Watch Edition have slipped into August for customers in the U.S., but the Chinese Apple Store had to put an out of stock notice up, according to Ben Thompson who went and check every unit.

Other Apple Watch models are also flirting with selling out in the U.S. Shipping times for the Apple Watch slipped to 4-6 weeks within the first ten minutes of pre-orders. Now the shipping estimates are estimated for June. I know it’s still early, but I think it’s safe to say Apple Watch is a hit.