Cookie Monster gets real behind the scenes of Siri ad


Cookie Monster Siri ad behind the scenes
Working with Siri can be hazardous.
Photo: Apple

We loved that recent Siri ad starring the lovable Muppet, Cookie Monster. And a new video gives us more with some mock behind-the-scenes footage.

In the original spot, Cookie Monster used Siri’s hands-free functionality to set a timer while his delicious cookies baked. And he even asked the digital assistant to play some tunes on Apple Music to help him pass the time. But the new video offers a lot more, including bloopers, outtakes, and what happens when the cookies are done.

Check it out below.

Apple’s invoking the spirit of Pixar here. The Toy Story studio — which, coincidentally, late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had a hand in creating — includes “outtakes” during its films’ closing credits that show their “actors” flubbing lines and pulling pranks. But the fakery in this Siri ad’s supplemental material is slightly less contrived, since nobody had to animate anything and make it look spontaneous.

It’s all pretty charming, though, and we honestly had no idea that Cookie Monster’s eyes were loose discs pinned to ping pong balls. It makes sense, of course, but we never really thought about it, and we don’t remember the cameras on Sesame Street ever getting that close.