Massive art print contains every Apple gadget ever (again)


Apple art print
It's time to upgrade ... again.
Photo: Pop Chart Lab

The problem with buying art about tech is similar to the one associated with buying tech itself. Sooner or later, you might be out of date, and it’ll be time for an upgrade if you want to stay current. And online art store Pop Chart Lab’s Apple art print is no exception. It’s currently on its third edition, since Cupertino has unhelpfully continued to release products since the last one came out.

And whether you’re picking up the poster-sized print for the third or first time, it’s a pretty striking piece.

Pop Chart LabsThe Insanely Great History of Apple 3.0 is now available online for $90. It’s 28 inches wide by 43.5 inches tall, and it really does contain everything Apple has released since 1976. That includes printers, cameras, software, and even the ill-fated Newton personal digital assistant. The new version is completely current up to the iPhone SE and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and it will continue to be so until Apple releases the iPhone 7 in like four months.

3.0 replaces the last version of the Apple art print, which came out in September (yes, the September that was just seven months ago) and covered everything up to the new Apple TV and the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The first version had a considerably longer lifespan; it launched in 2011.

Given the quick turnaround on this update, we’re expecting yet another new version in September. Tech just moves so damned fast these days.