Ron Paul defends Apple: Spying has not prevented one terrorist attack


Ron Paul says we should all support Apple.
Photo: R. DeYoung/Flickr CC

Siri loves Ron Paul, and apparently Paul’s feelings toward Apple are mutual.

The former congressman and presidential candidate used his weekly column this week to take on the issue of Apple’s standoff with the FBI — arguing that creating a backdoor for the iPhone would absolutely be a “precedent-setting case,” and stating that, “The government spying on us has not prevented one terrorist attack.”

“The FBI tells us that its demand for a back door into the iPhone is all about fighting terrorism, and that it is essential to break in just this one time to find out more about the San Bernardino attack last December,” Paul writes. “But the truth is they had long sought a way to break Apple’s iPhone encryption and, like 9/11 and the PATRIOT Act, a mass murder provided just the pretext needed …

We should support Apple’s refusal to bow to the FBI’s dangerous demands, and we should join forces to defend of our precious liberties without compromise. If the people lead, the leaders will follow.”

As we’ve noted before, the current Apple standoff with the FBI has divided opinion. Yesterday, legendary investor Warren Buffett argued that Apple should help the FBI crack the iPhone at the center of the San Bernardino shooting case because “privacy has its limits.”

“We live in a very, very, very dangerous world,” Buffett said. “If you were in the early days of September 2001 and you were receiving credible information that something was going to happen … I think that in that case security trumps privacy.”

Bill Gates has also sided with the FBI, as have all five GOP candidates, while Facebook founder Mark ZuckerbergWhatsApp founder Jan Koum, Google, and whistleblower Edward Snowden (among others) have stated their support for Apple.

Apple’s general counsel Bruce Sewell is set to appear before the House Judiciary Committee today, when he’ll go toe-to-toe with FBI Director James Comey regarding whether or not the bureau should be allowed to force Apple to create a backdoor for iOS.

Source: Ron Paul Institute


  • aardman

    Warren Buffett has said so many times that he doesn’t understand technology enough to invest in it. Given his own admission, nobody should be giving his thoughts on the Apple-FBI pillow fight much weight.

    • Guy Person

      Unfortunately it won’t matter because the majority of the population is ignorant. People have been so turned on with the fear of terrorism since 9/11 and recent times only making it worse, their is just simply no way that the majority of the population would side with Apple, no matter how much their argument makes sense (safety over freedom/privacy amirite?). Whether Apple will eventually have to give in or not, only time will tell.

      On the bright side this should silence that “fandroids” (I’m like all operating systems and believe each has their strengths and weaknesses, I’m just using the common terminology that people use to describe hardcore android fans) about how the iPhone is completely hack able and whatnot, considering that even the FBI is throwing a hiss fit over cracking the device too.

  • Nefarious420

    Governments love false narratives to push their agendas. The fact that 9/11 is sighted as an excuse when we had actionable intel at the time that could have prevented it, but was discarded just proves the point.

  • Jurassic

    “Yesterday, legendary investor Warren Buffett argued that Apple should help the FBI crack the iPhone at the center of the San Bernardino shooting case because “privacy has its limits.””

    Put your money where your mouth is, Warren!

    If you truly have so little regard for privacy, please provide full information on your financial accounts and passwords, to be posted publicly. While you are at it, provide copies of all your communications via email, text, and phone. I’m sure that you will be happy to do this, to protect yourself from the “terrorists” that may be hiding in your closet or under your bed. ;-))

  • There is no way to defeat the encryption on just one phone. You do it for one, you have done it for all. Apple is being asked to build a backdoor that right now does not exist. Once a backdoor exists it won’t just be the FBI that can exploit it. Buffett is wrong Paul and Apple are right.

  • Pete Mangum

    And what Buffett, the GOP’ers, and everyone else who support the FBI’s assertions have shown is they do not deserve to live in a ‘Free Society’ by backing the unlawful FBI demands on a private company which is trying to protect its clients. The data clearly shows that government spying on those who have not committed any crime or are suspected of committing any crime has NOT effected any measurable thwarting of ‘Terrorism’ (which even if it did would not be a legitimate pretext to undermine our Constitutional and Civil Liberties guarantees and protections).