Does Android’s innovation boom put iPhone to shame? [Friday Night Fight]


Why buy an iPhone when you can get so much more?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

After Samsung and LG announced exciting new iPhone rivals at Mobile World Congress this week, we’ve had heated debates behind the scenes here over whether Apple’s smartphone can still compete against the big guns in an increasingly competitive smartphone market.

Friday-Night-Fights-bug-2Without features like wireless charging, water-resistance, and expandable storage, will it be harder for Apple to reverse slowing iPhone growth? Or are these things just gimmicks that the iPhone doesn’t need, and will have been forgotten just a few years down the line?

Join in this week’s Friday Night Fight between Cult of Android and Cult of Mac as we take our spat public and ask you to wade in!

Killian-FNFKillian Bell (Writer, Cult of Android): Mobile World Congress just wrapped up in Barcelona, and I think it has been one of the best in recent years.

The standout unveilings were obviously the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, and LG’s new modular G5 — all of which go on sale next month. They bring new designs, cutting-edge specifications, and innovative new features like the always-on display, water-resistance, and the ability to add new functionality in a flash.

I recently wrote a piece on how these devices further increase the gap between Android’s flagships and the iPhone. Apple’s device is no longer the best in its field, and consumers get so much more — often for a lot less — when they choose an Android. If it stays that way, the Cupertino company is going to have an even harder time putting a stop to slowing growth.

I know you’re an Apple fanboy, but surely not even you can defend it here, can you?

cartoonluke_360.pngLuke Dormehl (Writer, Cult of Mac): It’s interesting. Your piece was originally prompted by a story which had circulated online showing how the ports of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 don’t line up. When this was pointed out, many people came out of the woodwork to note that this represented a key difference between Apple and Samsung: namely, that Apple cares about getting stuff right, while Samsung too often doesn’t.

I’ll be honest: I like having both Samsung and Apple’s approach to innovation out there. Apple takes the time to get things right, while Samsung throws features at the wall to see what sticks. Samsung has loud “innovation,” but Apple has the longer-lasting innovation, where it is willing to wait until all the faults are ironed out in a particular piece of technology.

Apple has rarely been first to market: whether that is the graphical user interface, an MP3 player, an app store, etc. What it does as a company is wait until it can execute its ideas to the standard it would like. That’s a strategy that I, as a customer, can get on board with.

There are definitely some interesting devices coming out of MWC, but if it’s okay with you I’ll stick with Apple. You can talk about Quad HD displays and water-resistant designs if you want (and I’d definitely like to see these on future Apple handsets), but there’s one big problem: It’s still a handset running Android. And it’s still a handset I wouldn’t feel comfortable is going to be supported for as long as an iPhone is.

All the features in the world won’t change that.

Galaxy S7 is pretty, powerful, and packing huge improvements.
Galaxy S7 is pretty, powerful, and packing huge improvements.
Photo: Samsung

Killian-FNFKillian: Look, just because Samsung’s ports don’t line up, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t get stuff right. You only have to look at the handsets it is putting out now and those it released three years ago to see it’s a different company today. As I mentioned in that article, if Samsung was to copy the iPhone today — as it did years ago — it would be taking a big step back.

And I don’t agree that Apple is rarely first to market. In fact, one of the things that made the iPhone great early on was the new and innovative features you couldn’t get with other phones. It was the first with a proper app store, a stellar camera, a high-resolution display, a fingerprint scanner that actually works, and a pressure-sensitive screen.

But these days, the innovation isn’t coming fast enough. Not only has Apple given competitors chance to catch up, but they’ve overtaken

Why would you spend $650 on an iPhone 6s, when for the same money, you could have an arguably more attractive device with the best smartphone display on the market, a better camera, wireless charging, expandable storage, and water-resistance?

You’re the perfect Apple fan, because you’re blindly loyal to the brand. Your immediate dismissal of anything powered by Android proves that. So you’ll keep buying iPhones whether they’re the best phones available or not.

But unfortunately for Apple, there are millions of other iPhone users who are open to switching platforms for better devices that offer a greater experience.

cartoonluke_360.pngLuke: Except that, sadly for you, while there are “switchers,” most of them seem to be switching from Android to Apple — and not the other way around.

I can’t help but notice that you’ve not addressed my point about Android software here. I think very, very few people could use an Apple phone and Android phone, complete with the latter’s massive fragmentation problems, and argue that the quality is just the same.

What you get with Samsung phones are new features, some of which do offer something you won’t get immediately with Apple — but ultimately aren’t going to be as well-implemented as the equivalent on an iPhone.

The other thing that’s unfair about what you’re saying — which I should point out before we finish — is that you’re comparing, in the iPhone 6s, what is now a six-month-old handset with a brand new one. You want a fair comparison? Let’s wait until the iPhone 7 and see which comes out on top when it comes to reviews, unit sales, and profitability.

By that point you’ll be begging to go back to discussing Samsung’s wonky port alignment.

LG G5 can be upgraded on the fly.
LG G5 can be upgraded on the fly.
Photo: LG

Killian-FNFKillian: Oh, yes, the software thing. I’ll admit companies like Samsung could be better at delivering the latest Android updates in a timely manner. But they have more devices to serve than Apple does. Besides, almost all of them have vowed to provide updates for at least two years, so your handset isn’t going to get old before your contract ends.

If you have an issue with the Galaxy S7 being newer than the iPhone, let’s choose another Android device. How about the LG G4, which is a year old now? With that, you still get a sharper Quad HD display, more RAM, a better camera, and expandable storage. The same can be said about the Sony Xperia Z5 that launched last September — and that’s also water-resistant.

I’m not an iPhone hater. I have an iPhone 6s, and I’ll use it when I want to play iOS games or check out new apps. But when it’s sat there on my desk next to the Galaxy Note 5 or the Galaxy S6 edge+, it just doesn’t seem anywhere near as exciting, or as advanced.

I’d like Apple to catch up with the iPhone 7 — I really would. I just think we’ll be waiting a lot longer for things like Quad HD displays — which greatly improve the VR experience, by the way — wireless charging, and water-resistance. If Apple wants to prove me wrong, I’d be delighted.

Let’s hand this over to the readers now, then. Does the iPhone seem as exciting to you after MWC, or are you disappointed that Apple’s devices don’t offer the same features you can get from rival offerings with the same price tag?

Friday Night Fights is a series of weekly death matches between two no-mercy brawlers who will fight to the death — or at least agree to disagree — about which is better: Apple or Google, iOS or Android?

  • orfus5

    Honestly its the Android operating system and its app store that prevent me from loving all the amazing phones out there. There has been many times that I’ve bought a nexus, galaxy, and even windows phone because I like the hardware better, but always had to go back to the iPhone because it was an overall better experience. I even did the test drive on the Galaxy 6+ edge and really did not like the glass back, or glare and colors on the edge screen.
    I may also be the only on in my friends circle that actually likes windows phone too. It is just their lack of apps and app quality that ruins the experience.
    I’d love to have iOS running on the new LG G5, or nexus phones. Until iOS can be installed on other phones, ill be sticking to the iPhone.

    • Michael Smith

      And I would love the opposite, Android running on Apple hardware.
      The openness and customization of Android and the ability to do things you can’t on IOS is what wins me over.

      • jei

        I agree that android should run on every phone but why apple hardware??? Why would you want a smaller battery and worse battery life? Why would you want an inferior camera? Why would you want aging display tech with IPS displays instead of the innovative OLED displays on samsungs and other android devices? Why wouldn’t you want a universal charging cord instead of a proprietary one? Why wouldn’t you want wireless charging? Why wouldn’t you want water resistance? Samsung and Android hardware has surpassed the iPhone by a long shot.

      • Anthony Velazquez

        Yeah, why would you want an iPhone with less RAM and fewer cores, yet still blows away android phones with more cores and ram, because iOS is more streamlined. Why would you want an iPhone that developers consistently develop for first or exclusively the majority of the time. Why would you want an iPhone that seamlessly works with a macbook/imac/ipad/apple TV/apple watch? Why would you want an iPhone that doesn’t have water resistance? Oh wait….there are videos out there showing iPhones operating just fine underwater, Why would you want an iPhone that doesn’t have wireless charging? Oh wait….you still have to buy a PROPRIETARY charging mat or more, so you get to buy charging mats for different rooms, for work, and then you get to buy memory cards to add more memory, and oh yeah that replaceable battery you have to buy because that’s such an amazing innovation. And why get an iPhone when it can barely keep up with android malware? Why settle with the iPhone fingerprint scanner, when it only took Samsung 2 years to almost catch up? Why would you want an iPhone when you can get a Samsung that oversaturates it’s pictures? Why oh why would you want an android phones when they still don’t offer pressure sensitivity? Why buy an iPhone when the resale value on them are so much higher…oh yeah, you would want an iPhone….

      • jei

        Wrong, wrong, wrong!. It’s amazing how you now love benchmark scores when back in the day you were all about hating benchmark tests and about real world performance. In addition,the iphone essentially runs the same user interface as in 2007. You can put a 10 year old processor and it will run. It’s too damn basic. Android is so advanced one users heads spin. That’s because most iPhone users are simple minded folk. For you info samsung allows for all forms of wireless charging standards. I’m sorry that the iPhone lacks many features

      • Jkdem85

        iOS is not basic and the fact you don’t see that is amazing. Simple does not equal basic, it’s incredibly powerful, has the best third party apps, widgets that are implemented better, a fully integrated biometric payment system, and the best cloud integration. If you have a Mac and iPad working between the three devices is flawless

      • jei

        Yes it is very basic. Google clouds shits on ios. Android has a biometric payments system as well. Trust me you won’t find much that iphone has that android or samsung doesnt. One has been playing catch up to android since ios 7.

      • horcrux7

        iOS is not basic, android is just bloated. They need multi cores just to get it to run smoothly.

      • jei

        They need multi cores because UI us more advanced than an app drawer, lol

      • buddy

        It’s mostly because of the optimized software not hardware.

      • jonen

        Validity test

        “Why would you want an iPhone that developers consistently develop for first or exclusively the majority of the time”: Valid

        “Why would you want an iPhone that seamlessly works with a macbook/imac/ipad/apple TV/apple watch”: invalid, assumes the user owns or wants any of those devices

        “Why would you want an iPhone that doesn’t have water resistance? Oh wait….there are videos out there showing iPhones operating just fine underwater”: invalid, ignores that those wouldnt be working for long after that

        ” Why would you want an iPhone that doesn’t have wireless charging? Oh wait….you still have to buy a PROPRIETARY charging mat”: invalid, the option to buy a charging mat is better than having no option at all

        “yeah that replaceable battery you have to buy”: invalid, extra batteries are optional

        “And why get an iPhone when it can barely keep up with android malware?” valid, however overplayed

        “Why settle with the iPhone fingerprint scanner, when it only took Samsung 2 years to almost catch up?”: Valid

        “Why would you want an iPhone when you can get a Samsung that oversaturates it’s pictures?”: invalid, color balance is subjective

        “Why oh why would you want an android phones when they still don’t offer pressure sensitivity?”: Invalid, several android phones boasts pressure sensitive screens and Android itself has supported it since android 2.0

        ” Why buy an iPhone when the resale value on them are so much higher”: valid

      • Jkdem85

        You need to spend some time with a modern apple device to appreciate it. I love and use both os’ but apple hardware and fit and finish are better. Also 6s plus battery life is better, and when you charge with an iPad charger it’s fairly quick too. Lightening cable is universal if you use Apple hardware and is miles better than micro Usb

      • jonen

        “iPad charger it’s fairly quick too” not sure why this is a specific argument for Apple. the ipad charger is larger and has a higher amperage. if you had another usb charger with an even higher amperage, it would charge even faster

      • horcrux7

        Nobody has wireless charging stop lying. What Samsung and others have is not really wireless since you have to deposit your phone on a charging mat that’s tethered to a wire. Call me when they’re doing real over the air wireless charging.

      • jei

        Yes it’s called wireless charging given there are no wires to plug in, lol

      • horcrux7

        You must be mentally slow. Look at every “wireless” charging mat or dock and you will see they are tethered to a cable that’s connected to the wall.

      • jei

        No shit you moron. The point of me saying it’s not wired meaning it’s not wired to the. Phone. Meaning I don’t have to grab the cord and plug it in and just come home and lay it on the charging pad and simply pick it back up. Much easier and comfortable. Why are you so damn slow? Oh that’s right you’re a slow, simple minded, iPhone brainwashed follower.

      • jonen

        it is wireless. short range yes, but there is no physical conduction, the phones are charged through an electric field. whether or not thats worth it is another debate, but its not the same as direct conduction

      • horcrux7

        Jailbreak. There’s no phone like a jailbroken iPhone.

    • Cryptosporidium 872

      My experience exactly. I’ve tried 5 Android phones – the latest being the Moto X Pure – and the problem is always Android itself. Really great hardware is meaningless if basic stuff just doesn’t work properly. So I always end up going back to my iPhone within 1 to 2 weeks.
      And I agree on Windows Phone too – great OS, great low cost hardware, zero apps I really need, so it’s DoA. Which is really unfortunate, because it really is quite a good OS.

      • W10

        But pure ANDROID is as good as iOS. If you had a Moto X Pure Edition, and didn’t dig having a streamlined interface, then what do you want? Every thing on that phone works perfectly. Seriously, this comment is so nonsensical.

  • jei

    It is 2016, and with today’s phone tech and the great google exrience such as google photos, Google now, google cloud combined with experiences from OEMS like Samsung I don’t understand why anyone would still buy an iphone with it’s buggy and stale software??? It seems like the iPhone is stuck behind the times, provides a poor user experience with all it’s bugs, poor battery life and lack of innovative progression with its own apps and has been stagnant for some time.

    • Cryptosporidium 872

      I have zero – zero – bugs with my iPhone, it works almost flawlessly. And when an issue pops up, a quick reboot usually solves it. I can’t say the same for any Android phone I’ve owned. Just my personal experience.

      • jei

        I’m happy that you don’t have any problems, however many of my family of friends who have iPhones have numerous problems. How long has it been since you’ve owned and Android? Unfortunately for the iPhone users current Android phones are most stable then the iPhone.

      • tjwolf

        That’s just so much nonsense – it is obvious from user satisfaction ratings that the vast majority of Apple users don’t have the problems/bugs you claim your family’s had – it’s certainly higher than the satisfaction rating of most Android devices.

        And as far as your question why anyone would want an iPhone with so many great Google apps out there: maybe because that great Google software is also available on iPhone? So iOS users actually have more choices than Android users.

      • jei

        Except the google apps and experience is so much better on android devices especially google now, compared to your Inferior siri. It’s not nonesense that the experience is now better on android not to mention superior hardware.
        *more advanced UI, customization. You’re trapped in 2007 with ios.
        * better battery life. Sa.sing just increases the width of the s7 to support a bigger battery. That’s what both android and iPhone users have wanted for a long time. The iPhone historically suffers from poor battery life. Why put up with it?
        * IPS display vs. OLED, do I even need to explain how ancient ios display is?
        *universal chargers vs proprietary cord.
        *wireless charging, which I use daily.
        *significantly cheaper storage and better cloud service.
        *External SD card storage.
        Jesus, do I need to say more at how much more advanced android is????? Get with the program people.

      • And my biggest bug-bears with iOS
        1) No back button
        2) Let me choose my god damn default app and not what Apple wants me to use!!!

      • jei

        Oh damn, lol. That’s a big one. How could I forget that one. It doesn’t matter what you say to an iPhone user, you could give them the first iphone and they will rave over how superior it is. It’s pathetic at their level of brainwashing.

      • Anthony Velazquez

        JEI says he LOVES android and HATES iPhone….yet….commenting on a site called cult of mac….lmao

        Someone has iPhone envy!!!

      • jei

        I get my info from an app that filters many tech sites. In addition this was betwee. Cult of mac and cult of android as they have these debates between each other often. Typical iPhone user that knows nothing of technology.

      • Eduard Bulai

        @disqus_ro381T3i2D:disqus, don’t get me wrong mate but I think you are delusional or suffer from some type of reality distortion. Look, I’m working on a software project now that made it mandatory for me to get some Android devices as well as some – extra – iOS devices. I quit Android 3 years ago as it failed to do the most basic of things – namely, phone calls and text messaging. They started crashing which is a big no no. I had a S4, switched to an iPhone 4S, upgraded to a 5S when it appeared and I still use the 5S today. Quickly going through the experience, flawless! Don’t have any plans to switch to Android ever again. I think the phone crashed 3 times. After dangerous impacts. Now I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5 (latest model, Android 5.something) and I am extremely impressed of the fact that with this particular outstanding hardware specs, with the latest updates and a fresh reset, the clock shown in the lock screen has a delay! It is amazing to think that with an X-core processor, a clock widget has a delay when unlocking the tablet! A DAMN WATCH WIDGET!!! I showed this to all the developers in the office because they found that incredible. I mean, how can you screw up showing the time with octa-core(I think), a dedicated GPU and 3-4GB of RAM?! It. Is. Astounding. But at least now I know for sure that I’m never going back to Android. Anyway, the thing you and a lot of other flabbergasted, figures crazed consumers don’t understand is the fact that for a critical device – such as a phone or a laptop – the figures (MB, GHz, MP etc) do not matter. They mattered in 1996 when 16MB of RAM meant a world of difference in computers but not today. Nowadays people that actually are dependent – work or personal wise – on a device have only one criteria in mind: to work for them, not to get in their way. And this is where Apple wins. It isn’t perfect, but it is still the flagship of dependability and user experience. I’m writing these lines from a room with 2 linux servers, 1 linux dev notebook, 1 Windows PC, 1 MacBook, 1 iPhone 5s, 1 iPad, 5 RaspberryPis, 7 Android phones and 1 Android tablet. Just telling you this in the hopes that maybe you won’t throw that apple fanboy dirt at me. Working in tech for more than a decade. Since Windows 3.1, if you remember it. And yes, this answer was written from my MacBook :).


        PS: 8 Android devices, the oldest one from 2014 and none of them can master the multitouch experience of even the iPhone 3GS. Un…believable!

      • jei

        Listen mate, you are wrong and delusional, lol. Let me ask you this, how can the iPhone and the current ios have soon many bugs ? I have a colleague that will refuses to upgrade his iPhone to the latest software because of all the bugs, that’s unacceptable!!. I use my android phone phone on a daily basis for work and personal life and it works flawlessl. You’re delusional to think that your silly iphone with it’s many limitations and buggy software as well as inferior hardware can match the latest android phones. You talk about 3 year old phones and mention a current samsung tablet with a leggy clock widget on the home screen, really??? That’s it? At least you get widgets with android, lol. Who knows why the widget is laggy, maybe you should worry about why the latest ios updates are causing soon many bugs to critical applications on the iPhone such as texting. Don’t get me wrong mate but I think you’re the delusional one.

      • tjwolf

        Ok, you keep mentioning this bs about how many bugs there are in iOS: how many are there, relative to the latest Android – Marshmallow? Please give a link to some statistics instead of your made up sh1t about having so many friends who’ve had problems with iOS – you know, numbers that can actually be verified. Thought not – troll.

      • Anthony Velazquez

        NERD lol

      • Eduard Bulai

        Alright, it’s clear that there’s no reasoning with you. And your childish tone and reactions make this a waste of my time. Keep feeding yourself with biassed articles and be done with it. Sociologists have concluded that people are more polarized now more than ever so I guess people like you should not surprise me. Not anymore, anyway. Keep choosing the facts you want to hear. Best of luck and enjoy your phone! Seriously, if you’re happy with your phone then good for you. I’m happy with mine. With the latest updates. Last time voluntarily powered off in July 2015 because I dropped it in the sea.

      • jei

        Seriously? A brainwashed, apple coolaid drinking fanboy is talling me that I’m not reasonable? What a joke. I’ve explained to you how inferior the iPhone is in every way and all the facts in the world won’t change your mind because you’re brainwashed by apple and thus making you ignorant and unreasonable.

      • ChrisC

        Well said, some other users come up with some quality BS.

      • jonen

        “how can you screw up showing the time with octa-core” well for one you could code the widget badly. thats certainly one way.

        Also, you`re saying that specifications dont matter? are you serious? There is a lot of misinformation on what specs mean, especially ram and core count. but they do matter. jailbreak your iphone and open the file /System/Library/Watchdog/ThermalMonitor.bundle/.bundle/info.plist and tweak the maxgpu and maxcpu values to 0 forcing the SOC to always throttle and then say that specs dont matter. they absolutely do matter

      • Eduard Bulai

        I get your point mate but 0.2 GHz does not make me buy a product. Not even when it comes to computers. Not anymore. I only know the hw specs of my servers nowadays – in which case every MHz matters. :)

      • Cryptosporidium 872

        My last Android phone was a Moto X Pure edition. So it was only a few months ago. Loved the handset. Great feel, great screen. Loved the hardware, and it had some really slick features that I do wish iPhone had. But it had the same problems as every other Android phone I’ve had. So after two weeks it went back to Amazon, and I went back to my iPhone. I’ll put up with a little wonkiness from my PC, but my phone has to work – I cannot be using a phone that may or may not properly answer/disconnect from a call when I’m using it, or maybe not shut off the screen when it’s in my pocket and out of view and so drain the battery. These are issues I’ve experienced with every Android handset I’ve had, over several versions of the OS, and that I’ve not experienced with iPhone. I’m a big believer in “get whatever you like best”, and for me it’s the Apple product. Get whatever you like and have fun. :)

      • W10

        Yeah. Again. Stop bad-mouthing the best ANDROID PHONE ON THE MARKET. Seriously. The Moto X has all fucking day battery life. The stuff you are complaining about, the iPHONE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE! Seriously, stop it. You’re making shit up on the internet. Stop.

      • tjwolf

        Uh, he complained about making phone calls and the screen not shutting off – hardly Moto X only features.

      • Anthony Velazquez

        Same here…no bugs with my iPhone and everyone I know that has switched to iPhone LOVES how they are less buggy than their samsung phones. I’ve had so many friends relatives complain about their android restarting for no reason, being laggy, and 2 that had to have their phones wiped at the carrier because they got viruses.

      • jei

        You must be an apple fanboy. The note 5 destroys the iPhone 6s. I rarely have to reboot. No’re phone must be immune to all the ios bugs from recent updates.

      • Jkdem85

        I use both and have for 7 years back and forth. Android, including the nexus 6p and note 5 I own now, have way more bugs, lag, and stuttering then my 6s plus. 6s plus can go weeks without a reboot. I live on my phones, pounding away all day with 7+ hours of daily screen on time.., the def of a power user

      • jonen

        the definition of a power user is someone who is knowledgeable on the system they use and takes advantage of all of its features to best suit the user. essentially they are to computers what tuners are for automobiles. for an iPhone, a power user would be someone with jailbreak or at least someone who has gone through every single setting to find an ideal setup.

  • JC

    I consider myself to be a technical guru. I’m a sysadmin for a fortune 200 company, an active musician, and avid gamer. Amongst other interests that involve technology and creativity (often combined.) However after reading this back and forth weighing pros and cons, I felt the need to voice my encounters. I work, build, and troubleshoot all systems and platforms. Windows, Mac, all flavors of Linux. So I’ll stick with the lecture at hand. I’ve owned both heavy weights especially with last year’s Samsung S5 and ultimately going back to iPhone less than a year later. It was between the time of unveiling of the newest iPhone 6 and as usual, Apple builds the ridiculous hype that they always do; More specially announcing a phone a year in advance before we can get our hands on it. So my AT&T contract was up on my iPhone 4s, which I skipped on the iPhone 5 because it wasn’t enough of an evolved phone for me to upgrade. My iPhone 4s was still rock solid for being so old in the world of smartphones. The Samsung S5 had just been released and what drew me in was the fact of being water resistant, which is an excellent innovation that was finally being streamlined in mass production. Now I’ve owned various other Android phones and archaic pocket PC’s, BlackBerry and so on. So I wasn’t a new comer to other hardware or operating systems. However I was quick to realize my remorse for switching back to the often flawed Android OS and inferior hardware, within a matter of a few days.

    The first annoyance: The terrible so called “text prediction” is the most atrocious typing experience I’ve ever had. I was forced to turn it off after a day or two; it slowed me down tremendously because I was forced to change my words back, constantly.

    Second annoyance: Inferior hardware was quick to set in after 6 months of usage; the gyroscope stopped working all together. Luckily it was honored by the Samsung 1 year warranty, so I ultimately got another phone. Needless to say it was still a problem that I did not expect to encounter so early in its lifespan. If anyone is wondering, I took great of this phone as I do all tech equipment I own. Using a high quality case and tempered glass screen protector as well.

    Build Quality and Battery depletion: 3rd on my list was the battery needing to be replaced roughly around the 6 month mark. This will happen to any lithium battery or any battery for that matter. Everything has a life cycle, but premature death of a battery is something nobody wants to deal with on a fairly new phone. Which leads me to “build quality” that is a joke in its self. The back case covering the battery and all the internal circuitry and devices was about as thin as a piece of paper and the design of the Samsung S5 just felt cheap and flimsy. I felt like I could snap the phone in half if I wanted to, and I’m sure I could’ve if I wanted to waste the money for a moronic experiment.

    Lastly is the lack of ability to root the device: The several Android based phones I’ve owned the past, I always had to gain root access to make it worth my while. The bloatware from all the cell provider crap that Android allows on their open sourced phones, then forcing out OTA updates that prevent gaining root access (which was the final straw for that device) Not to mention, during the Lollipop update I was unable to update OTA. Could’ve been because my phone was already rooted, but I once again was forced to have my phone backed up, wiped, and installed a fresh OS from AT&T just to get the update.

    Just as Luke had mentioned, there are innovated features that Samsung tries to release. Most are useless features I would never use and the others are not fully tested and released from BETA mode before shipping out to the rest of the world.

    Oh and did I forget to mention the vulnerability Google participates in by letting anyone upload garbage apps into Google Play……

    • jei

      Too bad you’re 2 years behind the times. The S6 and s7 are much different than the s5, not to mention the amazing note 5 and Google nexus 6p. If you’re going to make a comparison then you really should use a the latest model. Majority of those issues and gimmicks samsung did away with and now the S6, s7 and note 5 destroy any iphone.

      • Anthony Velazquez

        You must love Gaggle using you as an AD puppet and sucking up all your private information and reading your emails. LOL

    • Jkdem85

      Announcing a phone a Year in advance? iPhone goes on sale 2 weeks later

    • jonen

      “Oh and did I forget to mention the vulnerability Google participates in by letting anyone upload garbage apps into Google Play……”

      Apple doesnt do the same?

  • Harris

    Nightmare with Android is everyday we see malicious apps coming into play store and there is no way to update to software because OEMs release them ages later the bug is fixed by that time new bug is already there.
    And good luck Android folks they cant even sign up for pre release public beta software.
    Samsung releases features most of the times that are not even used, example head scrolling of web pages which doesn’t even work half of the times.

  • Jeanjalusi

    innovation boom??

  • Zurkram

    People, we go through this every year.
    Samsung releases a new phone in February, and for the next 6 months, Fandroids blab about how its better than the 6 month old iPhone, and how Apple is behind in innovation.
    And then the new iPhone comes out and obliterates Samsung. Did we forget how Samsung struggled last year, losing money for the last 6 quarters. Apple sold 75 million iPhones last quarter.
    The only reason iPhone sales are slowing is because Everybody has one.

    I Played with the S7 this evening at Bestbuy. Nothing about it made me want to
    Want to switch.

  • Oscar Alaniz

    Here in Mexico, for cost reasons, Android is the very popular. Yet I still have to meet someone that says he or she loves Android. As I said, a lot of people gets an Android because they are cheaper than the iPhone, but everyone, and I do mean everyone, no matter if they have the cheapest or the most expensive Android, at one point or another says: This is garbage, it froze again, I can’t even read my mail, why does this Android says I don’t have memory to take a picture if I have 1GB free memory, the battery is rubbish, and so on. I just know one person that loves his Android, and that’s because he is a computer engineer and knows how to root the device and all that tricks that normal people does not know how to do.

    What I am trying to say is that maybe Androids have “newer” technologies, but in the real world, with real people, more often than not, they don’t work. And that’s were iPhone shines. It just works for the majority of the users.

    I have always used an iPhone, from the first generation, to the 5s (I am waiting and saving for the 7). I would like wireless charging, water resistant, and a more flexible homescreen. But I would not trade those new technologies for knowing that my iPhone is going to work when I need it. And I think the Nexus phones are nice, and I like Android in its pure state, but I am very uncomfortable with giving all my information to Google. Privacy does not bothers me so much as the fact that I hate that one company is making profits selling my information.

    But that’s just me, and I am talking of the majorities here. I know there are different experiences and “every head is a world” as we say in Mexico.

  • Matthew Gill

    Guaranteed updates for two years? Apples own 5 year old iPhone 4s is still running the current version of iOS… the benefits of in-house hardware and software.

  • MH

    This is exhausting.

    I just want to ask you guys what the end game or goal is here? What would proving the supremacy of one make of device or another actually give you?

    Please, honestly check-in the question into your mind and dig a little deeper for a legitimate answer?

    Is it to feel good or secure about your buying decisions?
    Is it an outlet to take out your frustrations on others?
    Is it a sport, like supporting a favorite competitive team?
    Is it to feel socially accepted, or likeable, or smart?

    It can’t be merely preference considering the tone and hostility these matters conjure up for tech site writers and the type of people that frequent these corners of the internet.

    Why do we see a disportionately male presence in these types of superiority debates?

    I think we have politicized this beyond any form of recognizable legitimacy. I think we have subcome to sneaky markerting techniques that encourage more ideal loyalty than is actually deserved in reality. And who’s the folks laughing all the way to the bank? You? Me? Or, Apple and Samsung?

    I own a Samsung Note 5. Great device. Not perfect, but it does allow me to get things done with a degree of delight, and at the end of the day that’s what it’s built for. It’s not a badge for me.

    I made a New Year’s resolution in January of 2016 to stop being a fanboy. I began to see that celebrating one device over another was to acutally limit my own experience and relationship with the broader scope of technology, and how much my misconceptions allowed me to miss out on experiences that are ripe for the picking.

    I strongly encourage anyone to join me in the cause dispelling this Apple vs Samsung vs…debate as a thing of any meaningful substance.

    As comical as it might sound, I do feel that fanboyism has become an unhealthy fixation for those who have an above average interest in technology. Let’s depolitizise this and enjoy technology regardless where it comes from.

  • jei

    What was I thinking of commenting on the cult of mac? One sided, coolaid drinking , brainwashed apple fanboys. Carry on fellows with your iphones. When you decide you want to come into the present technology buy a Galaxy S7.

    • W10

      Or a MOTO X!

  • jonen

    “you’re comparing, in the iPhone 6s, what is now a six-month-old handset with a brand new one. You want a fair comparison? Let’s wait until the iPhone 7”

    comparing a 6-month old iphone to a new android phone is unfair, lets compare a 6-month old android to a brand new iphone for a fair comparison instead

    • Luke Dormehl

      Ha! You’ve got me there! What can I say, it was the end of a long week!

      • jonen

        yeah, its a classic fallacy frequently committed by both parties. no one seems to take the different release cycles into account when comparing android to ios

  • Hein S

    Android phone makers and Google have worked very hard to push the OS to new heoghts.

    Apple should worry, as 50% of their sales are iPhones.

  • Hein S

    Android phone makers and Google have worked very hard to push the OS to new heights.

    Apple should worry, as 50% of its sales are iPhones.