Chinese clone makers bring us iPhone 6s unboxing video

Check out this (clone) iPhone 6s unboxing video


Attack of the clones
Attack of the clones!
Photo: Jonathan Morrison

The iPhone 6s is still a couple of months away, but thanks to the magic (read: blatant thievery) of Chinese smartphone clone-makers, we’ve got an advance peak at what it might look like to unbox Apple’s biggest iPhone “s” release of all time.

Check out the video below:

From the custom version of Android made to mimic the look and feel of iOS 8 to the rumored pink color option, they’ve certainly done a pretty darn convincing job of creating a knockoff iPhone 6s in all its glory. (Minus features like Force Touch, of course.) While I’m certainly happy to wait for the real thing rather than grabbing the fake right now, suddenly September can’t come quickly enough.

Based on the number of orders Apple has placed for its next-gen iPhone, clearly the company is expecting large numbers of sales for the 6s. Do you plan to be among the customers? Leave your comments below.

Via: Redmond Pie